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Six Beatings and a Movie!
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The episode begins with two bikers riding at night and background music playing a low, insistent beat that makes me fear, for one timeless and horrible moment, that we're about to be subjected to some hipster douchebag cover of "Jukebox Hero," in which case, this recap would end with this sentence: "I QUIT."

Instead, some guy just asks philosophically why, if Jesus has the time to carry people on long shorefront walks, He cannot be bothered to spend time with the singer. While this is going on, Jax and Bobby Elvis ride and look grim, and oh, whatever. (Although I do wonder if we should start the death pool on Bobby Elvis, what with the "Previously..." segment making a point of Tara emphasizing that the club did not betray Otto, a club member did. It's entirely possible that Otto will soon embrace that distinction and make a few conditions for recanting his testimony.)

Meanwhile, across town, Clay is dumping info on the three nomads and the upshot is, he wants them out of town for a few weeks, ostensibly to ride out the whole dead-sheriff's-wife tragedy. Frankie clumsily exposits, "But what about our deal? We get you back at the head of the table, we get a piece of your end." Gogo adds, "Guns, drugs, all of it, man." Greg the Peg says nothing; he looks as if he's reviewing his life choices in chronological order and regretting them all. Clay effectively terminates the deal with, "These break-ins were supposed to put pressure on Jax, not a homicide on me." Gogo attempts to deflect blame by pointing out that they only hit Roosevelt on Clay's orders, but Clay tells Gogo to shut his big wife-shooting mouth.

Gemma comes to and gets an eyeful of a dozing Joel McHale. She runs to the bathroom, presumably to make a vow to never eat another simple carb again since it's doing such good things for Joel McHale's body fat percentage.

We see Tara Having It All, i.e. reading through Otto's medical jacket while Abel sleeps sweetly beside her.

Then we see Unser, who has parked his trailer in some sort of demo lot (possibly part of his old trucking empire?), sitting on the steps of the trailer having a smoke. His ears prick up at the sound of bikes approaching, but it's merely Jax & Bobby and not, say, Clay and The Invaders come to end his investigation. A little exposition transpires -- rising medical costs forced Unser to sell his land, and he now acts as night watchman at his former business in exchange for parking his trailer there -- and then we get to the point of this scene. Jax wants to know everything Unser does about the home invasions.

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