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Six Beatings and a Movie!

Back at the clubhouse, Gemma is securing the boys in her SUV while Filthy Phil looks on anxiously, obviously concerned over Gemma's wobbly state, probably aware of how much crap would rain down on his head if he were to say anything. Gemma fumbles for her seatbelt.

We go into the episode-ending musical montage: Tara putting away groceries in the cabin while Tig sits watch outside with a beer and a 9-mm to keep him company. (Because alcohol plus firearms always equals safe!) Clay fondles his marriage certificate and broods. Jax and Chibs are riding home when a van pulls up beside them and conducts a spray-and-pray, driving both men off the road. After the shooter follows them into the wash, Jax and Chibs manage to kill him -- it's an African-American gentleman, which certainly won't do much to help their relationship with Pope.

And Gemma, who is having a really hard time on the road, drives right into the path of a tractor-trailer. The SUV goes rocketing off the road and the last, disturbing shot is of Gemma passed out behind the wheel, a red-faced Thomas crying, and a severely injured Abel bleeding all over the place. Here's hoping next week's episode begins with Wendy telling Jax and Tara that finding childcare for their cabin getaways is not going to be a problem anymore.

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