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Six Beatings and a Movie!

Gemma whirls away to go compose herself and Jax goes to apologize to Nero for getting sucked into Gemma's drama: "She's a goddamned train wreck." Nero reminds Jax that "she's still your mother. Respect that, ese. She's caught between a husband she hates and a kid she thinks hates her. Women like your mom, Jax -- they don't do too well without a family." And THIS is why Gemma needs a posse of girlfriends and a hobby.

Anyway, because this is Nero's moment to shine, his network of associates have managed to find the chop shop where Gemma's Escalade was taken. And, o fortunate contrivance, Joel McHale is still there! I hope he and Jax have to grapple with one another while shirtless. Oh please, oh please, oh please...

Tara's in Jax's office, looking over old photos of SAMCRO -- so old, in fact, that Otto is still binocular and walking amongst the club -- when Clay comes in. He mumbles an apology, then tries to break through Tara's silent treatment with, "We're going to have to say something to one another sooner or later." "No, we're not," Tara corrects him. Clay continues, "Jax should have killed me. You and I both know I'm living on borrowed time." Tara asks, "Now I'm supposed to feel sorry for you?" Outside the office, Juice skids up short and begins unabashedly eavesdropping. Clay replies, "No, you're supposed to hate me. Like you do." Tara gives him a Gemma-esque look of bored disdain. (Side note: Maggie Siff has done a wonderful job of mirroring Katey Sagal's body language and expressions as she depicts the gradually coarsening Tara.) Tara shrugs, "You're not on borrowed time. To me, you're already dead. Stay away." She stalks out, gives Juice a The hell? look and keeps going.

Juice walks inside and asks, somewhat shaken, "What happened, Clay? What'd you do to her?" Clay says evasively, "Same thing I always do," which, strictly speaking, is not true, because Tara is actually alive, unlike many of the women on this show who had the misfortune to be associated with men Clay wanted dead. ANYWAY. The point to this scene is that Juice has finally realized that a) he backed the wrong alpha dog in the club, and b) once again, a father figure in his life has proved unreliable-to-wholly-gone.

And now we find out from the helpful chaps at the chop shop that Joel McHale is "part of a crew that scams older broads, jacks their shit." Nero nods a head at Jax and indicates that things might get messy. "Don't do it here, eh?" asks the head ... chopper? Chop-shopper? Whatever, he's the spokesman for the crew and all he's asking is that SAMCRO beat down the MILF-bilker elsewhere.

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