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Six Beatings and a Movie!

Fortunately, Joel McHale agrees with this plan, as he's just stolen a car and is trying to get away from the Sons. But by the laws governing the SAMCRO universe, car never outruns motorcycle, so it's a matter of minutes before he's apprehended by a convenient arroyo. And then there's some fisticuffs and Joel McHale is $3000 lighter than he used to be, and honestly, this is nowhere near as funny as it should have been. I just deleted a long, comedy-nerd hypothesis for why this was, but honestly, we're all better off not slogging through the grim business of people telling you why something tickles the funnybone. And we are also better off having wrapped up this segment of the "Gemma Teller: The Downward Spiral" chronicles.

At the clubhouse, Greg the Peg pulls up to tell Clay that Unser swung by and totally noticed those gouges on Go-Go's neck and chest. Clay takes this about as well as can be expected, and then has to deal with Greg following up, "Jax rattled Frankie. He and Unser both know we did the break-ins. They're coming after us." Naturally, Frankie and Go-Go would like to deal with this by killing Unser, because why wouldn't that totally calm everything down? Naturally, Clay is on board with this: Because Unser "knows everything," he's got to go, so why don't the nomads all meet Clay at Unser's Airstream in two hours? The four bikers can then pool their resources and figure out how to take down one stoned, cancer-riddled old man then. Oh, wait -- Clay just said, "I'll get there first, make sure all the weapons are out of reach." And we all know that Unser's trailer is filled with nothing but weapons, so either Clay's going to persuade Unser to do a lot of decluttering ASAP or he's setting up the nomads.

Inside, Tara and Bobby are continuing to strategize over the old photos, with Tara saying, "I just want to have something when I see him, some kind of, you know, peace offering." I believe Otto was quite clear on what kind of peace offering he would accept, so unless those photos come with matching kneepads, there's not a damn thing in there that will help Tara. Bobby suggests that the way to Otto's heart is through Luann, and the way to Luann's memorabilia is through Gemma.

So Tara trots across the yard to talk to a bleary, unfocused Gemma about Luann, feeding Gemma a line about how Jax was putting together a care package for Otto and wouldn't it be nice to have some mementoes of the old lady whom the club failed to protect? Gemma's first contribution: "Well, he-he liked to watch her movies. [beat] But I'm guessing they're not going to let you bring a stack of old videotapes in there." "Probably not," Tara concurs wryly. Gemma takes a moment and her face softens as she thinks about Luann, and then Gemma shares a sweet and funny story about how Otto so loved one type of patchouli-based perfume, he wouldn't let Luann wear anything else. Anyway, Tara's now on a mission to track down the perfume that comes in a blue bottle.

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