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Six Beatings and a Movie!

Jax and his crew come back. After a filler conversation wherein we establish that yes, Jax and Tara are still going to the cabin this weekend, Jax heads in to talk to his mom. In his clumsy way, he attempts to reassure Gemma that she's not going to be locked out of his family life with Tara and the boys -- thus heeding Nero's words about Gemma's need to have a family life and subtly underscoring that Jax is a fan of father figures telling him how to make sense of the world. Then Jax bluntly asks, "What's going on with you, Mom?" Gemma doesn't really know, so she gropes back to where she thinks her problems began: "After my Thomas died, I did the worst thing a mother can do. I made you make up for the love that he couldn't give me anymore. I'm sorry, Jackson. I'm sorry that I've always been too much." So, really, this goes back to Gemma's childhood, when she had to live with the conspicuous loss of a sibling and learned to associate love with portioning. The point is, Gemma has needs and yet she's ashamed to articulate what they are. It's a tragedy.

Jax is hit by this news, because it turns out that "When he died, I felt so bad. It wasn't because he was dead. It was because I would have you all to myself, and I knew how wrong that was. I love you, Mom, and we're going to get through all this, I promise." Gemma starts sobbing into Jax's shoulder and they hug. So, going by the logic of afterschool specials, this means everything is okay from now on!

Juice drops Clay off at Unser's pad -- note well the guns all over the place -- and Unser reluctantly lets him in. The two men have a fairly edgy conversation revolving around Unser's lack of trust in Clay, then Clay puts down his gun and says, "I've made a lot of mistakes, Wayne. Nobody's seen more of them than you." Unser draws a line between them by saying, "If this is a confession, maybe you should let me turn on a recorder." Clay smirks a bit and says, "I miss Chief Unser. Oswald is going to beat Hale in the next election. He's already talking about reinstating Charming P.D. Wouldn't it be nice to see you come out of retirement?" Unser chortles, "That's a noble plan, but I suspect I'll be dead within a year. Is this what you've come to talk about?"

Outside, Juice sees the nomads' car drive by and he picks up his phone. Inside, Clay comes clean: "You were right. These home invasions -- they're an inside job. The nomads." Unser and his shotgun sit down all, "Reeeeeeeeally? Do tell." Clay's phone rings then and Juice tells him the nomads are outside. Then Juicey asks what's going on. Awww! It's so cute how he thinks he'll get answers. Clay nods at Unser and asks if his rifle is loaded. It is. Clay sighs and says, "You were a good friend, Wayne. I'm sorry I wrecked that too --"

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