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Six Beatings and a Movie!

And just when you might think that Clay and Unser are about to have a firefight, in burst the nomads, who are promptly blown to Kingdom Come by both men. Unser asks how Clay knew they'd be at the trailer, and instead of saying, "Because I told them to show up," he spins some tale about how he was secretly investigating the nomads and only showed up thanks to his superior deductive prowess. Unser lets Clay know he's not buying it: "These two and the other one -- they ain't the brightest trio in the choir. Someone else had to be calling the shots." Clay protests that, "I wasn't trying to sabotage Jax. If I was, think I would have stopped them from blowing your head off?" "Maybe sentimentality got the best of you," Unser says as he reloads his shotgun. "Ain't my nature," Clay points out. Well, he has Unser there.

Cut to Bobby and Jax piecing together the whole home-invasion angle when Gemma bursts into the church, all the other series regulars on her heels, and reports that Unser just killed Greg and Go-Go. Juice stands there in the background, comprehension struggling to the forefront of his poor dim brain, while everyone pieces together what we viewers knew at home. The upshot is, everyone wants to find Frankie so as to determine what "the truth" is, and Juice could have said something about how Clay instructed the nomads to head over to Unser's place, yet he did not.

Gemma's arrived at Unser's to mother-hen him a bit, get his version of events, share a joint, and bury the hatchet in her own inimitable way, and it's nice to see these beat-up two get back to their normal dynamic.

Back at the clubhouse, Jax is suddenly regretting his decision to go to the cabin with Tara, but Bobby nudges him to go, saying, "You could run things from [there] until it all cools off." We see Filthy Phil chasing a delighted Abel across the parking lot, while Tara carries the snap-n-go with Thomas in it. As she puts the baby down on the table, Filthy Phil spins the seat around so he can make faces, and then Tara makes noises about how their nanny bailed on watching them and then, so help me, the next words out of her mouth ARE NOT, "But Phil here is so good with the boys, why don't we just have him stay over?" Which, arrrrrgh, because then the next words out of Jax's fool mouth are, "Why don't we let Gemma stay with them?" Tara actually goes along with this poorly thought out plan. Then she adds new steps of lunacy: Neither she nor Jax will actually hand off the kids -- they'll just leave them around for Gemma to pick up.

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