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"Well, THAT Went Better Than Expected."
nted for two murder charges. "Of course, there is still the fleeing custody charge, but with your recent medical flare-up, I got it remanded to house arrest. You'll wear an ankle bracelet for six months, and if you behave, you'll have it off in three." (Man, Tara better hope the wheels of justice turn slowly -- this way, she can go through her pregnancy and deliver the baby without Gemma hovering over her like all three Furies in one.)

Gemma, however, is inclined to deny everything Stahl says, as she's been seized with a fit of maternal resolve and is determined to a) not trust Jax when he asked her to, and therefore b) sabotage his deal with Stahl. "You are going to get him killed, if not by his own club, then by the IRA. You kill the deal or I tell the U.S. attorney it's all bullshit," Gemma orders. Stahl gloats, "Unfortunately, my testimony's already been documented. So even if you wanted to take the fall, it's too late. Looks like you'll have to trust me." However, Gemma gets in the last word. Well, the last monologue: "You actually think [trusting you] is possible? You naïve bitch. The trouble with these deals, these relationships can never work, because they're based on lies. You're lying to your bosses. Jax is lying to his club. You're both lying to each other. There's no trust. Something will go wrong, somebody will get hurt. I promise you, it'll end badly." Stahl barely avoids singing, "But not for me!" before stomping out of there.

She then stomps over to meet Jax at the columbarium on Charming's memorial grounds. Stahl immediately tells Jax that his mom checked herself into the local pokey and is attempting to torpedo the deal Jax and Stahl so carefully put together. This should not surprise Jax -- he has had thirty-odd years of his mother steamrolling her way through his personal life, after all -- and yet he's surprised and irritated that it happened. Stahl shrugs that it doesn't matter, and fills Jax in on how Gemma's been cleared of the murder charges: "Tyler confessed everything to me before she died. Told me everything Gemma said in her statement was true." Jax quickly realizes exactly what happened and backs away in horror and revulsion. "Jesus Christ! Good thing your bosses don't know about our little deal. I'd think killing one of your own might be a bad career move." Stahl's mouth says she didn't kill Tyler, but her crazy, crazy eyes scream, "Oh, yes, I did. And I loved it." Stahl then says, "Your mother seems to believe you and I shouldn't trust each other. Does she know something I don't?" Jax shrugs, "She thinks you're going to get me killed. Are you?" Stahl not-answers that, which is all the answer Jax really needs. Then again, he's not so dense as to know exactly what she is -- is he? Stahl makes some of her garden-variety threats, Jax tosses her the dossier with the Real IRA members and tells her which ones they met with, and their sordid little assignation comes to an end.

Otto and Lenny have a little meeting in the infirmary, and the upshot is that the Russians aren't exactly huge fans of the Irish, so they'll happily hand Jimmy O over -- for the right price. It's on SAMCRO to meet that price. Lenny says he'll get the figure from his friends in the yard, then pass it on to all the interested parties via the SAMCRO raft of attorneys.

On the outside: Unser's looking at the San Joaquin Tribune, where "local hero" David Hale's mayoral run has earned an above-the-fold, four-column layout. This is why newspapers are dying. Unser voices a similar opinion ("What a crock of shit") but before he can continue his trenchant media criticism, Clay's walked in and demanded to see Gemma. As with the hospital, so does the police station need a SAMCRO lounge, since its members are in and out often enough.

Clay and Gemma then have a tense conversation that can summed up in the following sentences:

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