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"Well, THAT Went Better Than Expected."

The celebratory air in church is short-lived: Bobby Elvis inspects the sheets and points out that they won't stand up under very intense, Russian scrutiny, and predicts that it will all end in bloodshed. Jax looks thoughtful, then essays a solution: Throw enough real cash into the stacks and the Russians will see that first; it'll buy them enough time to get Jimmy and get out of there. Clay cracks, "I got $40 in my wallet." Jax tells everyone he's got an idea.

That idea: Hitting up Stahl for some cash. She offers him the $250,000 they used for Tara's ransom, but it comes with its own price: "We're going to be there. At the exchange [for Jimmy O]." Jax shoots that idea down: "If the Russians see you, they'll kill Jimmy. If my club sees you, they'll know someone ratted. We can't take that risk." Stahl blusters and Jax reluctantly tells her he'll give her the location for the exchange, but the ATF will have to hang back at least a few miles. Jax says, "We'll put Jimmy in the van. You send in your team, pretend you're after the Russians. Let us go, grab Jimmy." Stahl signs off on this suggestion, which is a sign to anyone who has paid attention to her for the past few seasons that she is absolutely planning on bollixing this up in a way that will screw Jax over as hard as possible.

Meanwhile, Jimmy O is busy packing, oblivious to the fact that his hosts have negotiated a $2 million exchange fee. He asks the main guy, "Is Donnie back yet?" and gets an "I don't think so," which is code for "We are busy wrapping his bloody corpse in a tarp out in the porte-cochère."

Cut to the SAMCRO boys -- well, most of them -- getting ready for the exchange. This consists of counting out currency (everyone wears gloves) and fondling their assorted firearms. Then we find out that Tara's gotten roped into this -- much to Jax's unhappiness despite Clay's assurance that "we'll keep her safe" -- and she will be meeting them at some rendezvous point. She's standing by her car, and Jax walks over to ask if she's sure about "this," and Tara replies, "I'm the only one who can do this. Admit it -- you need me." Jax says, "I guess I do," then insists that she put on a Kevlar vest. After fastening Tara into it ("Fancy!" she quips), Jax swears, "I'm not going to let anything happen to you." "To us," Tara says, but I'm not sure if she means her and Jax or her and the fetus. Jax chooses to interpret it as the latter. Tara presses Jax to tell her "everything," and he's all, "You'll find out soon enough." Then, time for muchas smooches!

Unser swings by to tell Clay that Gemma's about to be sprung from the pokey and "I'm all set." He concludes with, "You stay whole," and Clay shakes his hand. Before Unser can pull away, Clay hugs him and says, "What you do for us? It won't be forgotten."

Then it's time for the bikers to all hug -- specifically, the four guys who aren't coming with Jax and the main crew (Chibs, Piney, Opie and Kozik) -- and Jax hands the giant, looming prospect (Filthy Phil) two letters with orders to deliver them after he's received a certain text. And not to get all foreshadow-y, but notice how the four people not coming along on this little shopping spree for Irishmen happen to be the four men who are not facing lockup? Hmmmm.

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