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"Well, THAT Went Better Than Expected."

Jimmy then gets in one last word: "Take care of our girls, Filip, yeah?" Chibs does not even bother correcting Jimmy on the pronoun. He merely says, "Oh, yeah," gives Jimmy the same Glasgow smile Jimmy cut into him so many years ago, then stabs him to death. After Jimmy's body falls, Chibs spits on it.

Stahl's watching in stunned disbelief. Opie forces her behind the driver's seat in her sedan and gets behind her. Between huge, hyperventilating breaths, Stahl pleads for her life: "This is insanity! Do you have any idea what kind of heat this will bring the club?" Opie says quietly, "Put your hands on the wheel." Stahl begins blubbering: "Please, please, Opie. Please don't do this! Please, please, you had mercy before. I'm begging you, don't do this." Opie listens to Stahl sob, then says quietly, "This is what she felt." Then he blows out the back of Stahl's head. The splatter is the most dignified thing about her death.

There's remarkably little blood, considering how much Stahl's got on her hands. By my count, the following people are dead as a direct or indirect result of Stahl's monkeyshines: Donna, Edmond, Half-Sack, Cameron, everyone who died during the Belfast episodes (because there would have been no need for SAMCRO to head over there had the mess with Edmond not started), Agent Tyler, Donnie and Jimmy O. And I'm sure I'm forgetting a few people. ANYWAY, ding-dong the incompetent agent is dead. And while I think Opie's blaming Stahl for Donna's death because it's easier than living with the fact that her murder should be laid at the feet of his "brothers" Clay and Tig ... well, I'm not arguing with the result.

Kozik snaps everyone back to reality, then heads over to Unser, who says mellowly, "Left side. I had bridgework done on the right." Kozak slugs him on the jaw, then when Unser falls onto the hood of his cruiser, asks sweetly, "You okay?" (Awww! I like Kozik.) Unser waves him on. Piney orders everyone back on the bus; before Chibs gets on, he uses Jimmy O's blood to paint the Real IRA's sign on Stahl's windshield. Nice touch!

Then someone texts the prospects, who read their text, grin, and blaze past the ATF van honking their horns. Clay listens incredulously, then we see Jax looking disbelieving. Then Tig begins laughing out loud and everyone begins laughing and smiling. Jax gives one big guffaw and settles down to looking thoughtful.

Cut to Tara walking through Jax's house with a laundry basket -- pro tip from me to you, Tara: Enjoy using both arms while you can, because once that baby's here, you will not have them available anymore. Anyway, Tara is collecting laundry and as she unpacks Jax's travel bag, she finds the packet of letters Maureen hid. The attached note reads, "Dear Jackson, The truth about your father is in these letters. You should know John like I did. -- Maureen." Tara decides the laundry can wait, and settles down in the nursery glider for a good read.

We see Gemma sitting on her bed -- ankle bracelet attached -- cuddling Abel. Lyla leads in the prospects, and Filthy Phil hands over a letter with the instructions, "Jax wanted you to read this, then burn it." Then the prospects politely wish her a good night, and head off to find Tara.

Gemma puts on her reading glasses and we hear Jax's missive: "Hey, Mom. If you're reading this, that means Stahl and Jimmy are dead and the club will be doing short time. I'm sorry it had to be this way, Mom. I know how painful it had to be, but I couldn't tell you. It would have made you an accessory. It was a club vote. I'd never turn on my club or my family. I'm not my father. I love you more than you could ever know."

Then John Teller's voice transitions in with "I love you more than you could ever know. I'd do anything to be with you. Every day, it becomes more clear that I don't belong here. I'm certain now that Clay and Gemma are together. They barely try to hide it from me. Gemma hates my apathy. She hates all of me --"

This litany -- which sounds like the SAMCRO version of "My wife doesn't understand me" -- continues as we transition from Tara reading back to Gemma, who is smiling like the cat who just ate the canary. And why shouldn't she? We transition to Clay looking content. And why not? He and Jax just pulled off a very complicated caper. John Teller continues, "My days are numbered, Mo. When these letters stop, you can be certain my death will come at the hands of my wife and best friend."

Cut to Tara looking poleaxed by the realization that her de facto in-laws may just be murderers. John Teller's VO continues: "At least my sweet Thomas will never suffer my life. I miss him so much." Transition to Jax as John continues, "I only pray that Jackson finds a different path. He already reminds me so much of myself." Then the camera pulls out as the background music ("Out of the Blue" by Neil Young) reminds us that "the king has gone/ he's not forgotten."

And thus the season ends, with John Teller battling for his son's soul from beyond the grave and Clay looking like he's got the upper hand for now. What will Jax be like 14 months from now when he's out of the pokey? Will Tara and Gemma still be speaking once Tara's dealing with her own baby as well as Abel? Will the Russians be out for $2 million in blood? Will Unser still be alive? And what will Charming be like under the Hale Administration? We'll have to wait and see.

Sobell, aka Lisa Schmeiser, is still looking for a SAMCRO baby beanie, in between feeding and changing her new baby. She's still blogging and twittering between the feeding/burping/changing/napping rondeaux.

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