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"The Queens We Use Would Not Excite You"

Clay's back at the sheriff's office, where we learn that the beating these guys gave the CO was enough to land them in county. Also, the photos of the stolen goods turned up via anonymous email. Anyway, Clay takes in the news that the gentlemen are no longer in his zip code and says, "The further away from Charming, the better." Roosevelt -- who is, you will recall, not unmindful of SAMCRO's rich history of racism -- merely says, "That's right," through narrowed eyes. (Personally, I would be surprised if this was Clay's doing. I suspect Pope's looking for an angle to the home invasions to exploit.)

And now, speaking of home invasions, guess who's been targeted? Rita's at home dozing on the bed -- providing television's only realistic portrayal of the first trimester, when a woman's new favorite hobbies include things like "napping" and "sleeping sixteen hours out of every twenty-four, if possible." Anyway, Rita may be dozy from the hard work of building a placenta, but she's smart enough to have 911 on the line and she manages to get a good claw to the neck in before one of the guys shoots her in the torso. By the by, all the home invaders look to be of anglo-saxon descent, and at least one of them sounds vaguely nomad-ish. And now, I sincerely hope that the rest of SAMCRO learns what these meatheads are doing and extracts some horribly colorful SAMCRO-style vengeance.

Across town, Gemma's swung by the Teller-Knowles estate to drop off the box she promised Phil she'd deliver. Disappointingly, the boys are asleep. But Tara calls, "It's almost time to feed Thomas. I'm kind of tired." Gemma recognizes the peace offering and takes the bottle with thanks. Tara watches her go, looking oddly triumphant. Then, after Gemma's settled with the baby, we see that "kind of tired" is a euphemism for "about to get her smoke on."

Cut to Roosevelt holding Rita's hand as the emergency personnel rush her into the O.R. He has the presence of mind to ask for the skin underneath her fingernails.

Hey, guess who's now leasing the old Elks' Lodge? Jax hands over three months' deposit from his car window and asks the mayor, "I'm guessing I should move forward on securing Charming Heights?" In his car, the mayor sighs and nods. The way that shot is framed, with Jax's face floating in darkness, it really does look like he's there to tempt Hale from the path of moral certitude. And granted, it's not like Hale wasn't already sauntering off the path, but it's a lovely visual for how Jax must appear to the people who neither know him nor love him.

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