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"The Queens We Use Would Not Excite You"

Then Jax is off to church, where he and the rest of the boys are prepping for another meeting, this one with Galen and the rest of the Real IRA. He identifies the stakes for this meeting -- "Make green and brown happy" -- and Clay plays underminer with, "It's currently black that concerns me." Cue the three former nomads playing the "me too" chorus, all, "Yeah! Because the home invasions and ... stuff. Nothing we would ever be involved in, no way. Clay 2012!"

Jax cools the nascent paranoia by pointing out, "We can't control what people think. Charming's love and hate swings back and forth on us. It always has." The Underminer speaks again with, "Be aware, son. As long as these attacks keep happening, the hate swings that far out ... never get the love back." Okay, I'm calling it now: Clay has been using the nomads to effect the home invasions for two reasons: First, it lets him manufacture a race-relations crisis he can exploit with some good, old-fashioned biker bigotry. Second, he was planning on putting a severe scare into Gemma and pulling the "I worry! I'll sleep in a spare room to protect you" act to worm his way back into Gemma's good graces and/or jeggings.

ANYWAY. Tig rises to Jax's defense, as per his agreement with Jax, and to his left, we see Chibs giving the nomads the "Brother, please" look. Greg the Peg asks if Tig's calling out the nomads, and Chibs leans forward to say, "Nah, what he's saying is that you, you and you don't know shit about our town." Which is an excellent way to put the nomads in their place. (Although here is something I'm curious about: Happy's a former member of the nomad charter who settled in Charming because he's a big old mama's boy. Wouldn't he have something to say to someone about the us v. them dynamics that are percolating with these guys?)

Jax effectively tells everyone this topic is dropped, CLAY. Chibs takes that as his cue to bring up the whole "So! There's an exit strategy with this whole coke mule thing, right?" line of inquiry and when another freakin' nomad gets shirty about it, Chibs points out, "We're down three brothers since this started," and Tig gets his back with, "Maybe you forgot about that little truck-burning incident? Happened out on 108?" This gives Jax the opportunity to be the cool, low voice of reason: Business with the cartel is lucrative, but terribly high-profile and high risk. So it's time to perform a cost-benefit analysis and redirect the club's energies according to the results. Speaking of places to redirect the club's energies, permit Bobby Elvis to introduce the newest business idea.

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