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Orca Shrugged

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"The Queens We Use Would Not Excite You"

Jax steps forward and says, "We got some sort of beef, let's lay it on the table." Galen is all dismissive until Jax calls him out: "Grow some balls, you Irish prick. You got a problem with me, you tell me to my face." Galen does; he tells Jax, "I think you're arrogant, selfish and explosive. The wreckage you caused in Belfast got a man of God and one of my dearest friends killed ... Kellan Ashby took me out of the streets of Armagh, saved my life." Jax quips, "Right. Gave you a Catholic Blessing of the Blood? Made you a gangster of Christ?" Galen replies with a mean right hook, and after Jax recovers, he shouts, "All right! Now we're making progress!" Cue him taking off his rings -- this is the equivalent of a woman taking off her earrings before a brawl, a la Carla last week -- and Galen takes off his crisp button-down, and then the two proceed to bash at each other for quite a while. As this is going on, Romeo pulls up. He walks over to Clay and remarks, "I wasn't aware you were going to have entertainment. Is this going to be a problem?" Clay smirks, "It'll all end in Guinness and man-hugs." The two old-school thugs then resume watching with some amusement. And then, Jax lands the decisive blow.

Back in Charming, Chucky is delivering complimentary brownies to someone who looks like Divine without her makeup on. It's Councilman Allen, cross pin prominently displayed, and he soon accepts the gift. Chucky leaves the office and gives Tig -- who is waiting outside in a van -- a thumbs up.

Back at the meetup, everyone rolls into the barn to talk business. Both Galen and Jax look surprisingly healthy for men who were pummeling each other bloody one scene back. Luis waves around a giant wad of cash in the exchange-of-money portion of events, and Romeo spells out new business terms. Everyone's cool with it. Galen asks of Romeo, "Don't you want to check your hardware first?" Romeo doesn't feel as if he needs to, but Galen insists. There's a BFG set up inside the barn, and Galen then uses it to blow the beejesus out of several of Sons' bikes. While Chibs is going ape, Jax just watches Romeo, who is watching Galen and looking disapproving as only Danny Trejo can. After Galen stops shooting, Jax shrugs, "Well, now you know what they can do. Way to close the deal, brother." He saunters out of the barn, stopping only to call over his shoulder, "We'll send you a bill for the bikes." And that is how you refute the charges that you're a hothead. Let the other guy prove he is instead, then giggle at him.

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