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"The Queens We Use Would Not Excite You"

ANYWAY. Tig is instantly smitten. Jax thanks Venus for coming, and she interrupts, "Not yet, baby. You gotta eat dinner 'fore you have your dessert." Cut to Bobby and Chibs exchanging looks all, Lord, save me from sassy transvestite prostitutes. Anyway, Tig is behaving as though he had a magnet in his pelvis and Venus was made of iron filings, but Venus is charmingly focused on business: She will be helping SAMCRO take blackmail pictures for the bargain price of $2000. Venus then asks what she's supposed to do, and Jax says, "Ride him a little, some other stuff. He's not going to remember a thing." "Unfortunately, I will," Venus huffs. She then asks for the powder room, and a twitterpated Tig hands over her bag and offers to give her a hand. Venus leans forward and whispers, "It's not going to happen, Tiger."

(Note: This was the point where Mr. sobell began snickering, and in between giggles, "Raylan ... I'm imagining him talking to Raylan like that ... a crossover needs to happen. 'Now, Raylan, just because I found my feminine side does not mean we need to act at cross purposes.'" We are big Justified fans in this house.)

Anyway, Tig takes a yearning step or two in Venus's wake and he's physically stopped by Juice, who cocks an eyebrow and asks, "Really?" Tig sort of shrugs and that moment made the episode for me. So many thanks to Twitter superstar Amyanxiety for pointing me to the gif of that shining moment.

Meanwhile, in the parking lot of the SAMCRO clubhouse, Clay is sitting with two sheriff's deputies, waiting for Gemma. He is delighted to report that the sheriffs busted a van full of African-American men with a van full of stolen goods and, why, it just might be tied to the home invasion! So Clay and Gemma simply have to go down to the station together to check out the stuff. Before Gemma peels out -- alone -- she agrees to take a box to Jax that, according to Filthy Phil, "someone dropped off, said it was real important."

We're back in the councilman's office. Someone has taped his eyelids open, and Venus is riding him like she's on a merry-go-round as Juice snaps photos. Both Jax and Bobby are providing art direction/constantly snapping at an infatuated Tig to get out of the shots. In the background, both Happy and Chibs look like they're attempting out-of-body experiences. The merriment screeches to an abrupt halt when the councilman's stepson Devin comes into the office.

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