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Charming: Where the Men Are Men and the Women Are Disposable
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Morning has broken, like Tara's ulna. Gemma stumbles into the Teller-Knowles kitchen and sheepishly smiles at Tara, who's already up and feeding Thomas. Gemma and Tara exchange some chit-chat about how Jax put them all to bed, and Tara exposits that Jax is already up and out the door; he's in Oakland on club business. As Gemma sits down at the table with a cup of coffee, Tara says casually, "I have some meetings off-site today. Want to stop by and check on them?" Gemma looks at Tara over the coffee cup all, If I had known all it would take to earn your trust was giving you the opportunity to pimp-slap a madam around your husband's garage, I'd have pulled that out four episodes ago.

Then she sees the paper. Somehow, Rita's assault in the home invasion has already made the front page of the daily, but in a move that demonstrates why print is a dying medium, the editor of the Charming Chump Change has stuck the story below the fold. If you'll forgive me my indulging in one of the media industry's worst habits -- i.e. its workers gassing on about how the media operates -- let me tell you this: If Charming really is that small and there really is a pattern of home invasions, the sheriff's wife getting gut-shot is going to lead the front page. Probably in bold, Christ-is-risen-sized type. The lower left hand corner is where you stick meat-and-potatoes crap like "Realtor commissions being used to fund correctional facility for home flippers."

ANYWAY. Gemma's horrified by this happening to Rita, and asks, "What is happening to us?" (I love how Rita is an "us" to Gemma.) We zip to Oakland, where Jax is showing the same paper to Pope and outlining why this is now a very big problem, and Pope points out that nobody in his employ -- direct or otherwise -- is linked to these. Jax asks for his help in finding out about these attacks, because he needs to shut them down before the sheriff decides to appoint a gang task force (location: the Teller-Knowles living room), and Pope promises to see what he can find out.

Jax then pulls out a big wad of cash and hands over the $50,000 from the last drug-muling job. Pope picks up the bag, casually tucks it away, then says, "You're an impressive young man." "Yeah, I get that a lot," Jax deadpans. Pope says, "I got a proposal for you and SAMCRO." Jax replies, "Does it involve children and bonfires?" Pope takes a moment to collect himself -- after all, he can afford to be patient with this idiot, since he is the one with the vast network of authority figures on his payroll and SAMCRO has ... a companionator -- and then says, "You are currently hauling back 20, 30 keys, yes? If you were to double your haul-back, say, 60 keys, I could move that in a day." Jax would like to know where, and Pope assures him that the cocaine would go to Reno and Vegas, courtesy of the Niners. Pope shrugs, "No bigger risk for you. Thirty, 40, 100 keys, it's all the same trafficking charge." Pope has a point. If you're going to go to jail for distribution, why not go big before you go inside?

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