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Charming: Where the Men Are Men and the Women Are Disposable

In the next scene, Nero is praying softly in Spanish while Gemma ineffectually pats his back. Then she fishes for the 411 on Carla: she was Nero's half-sister: "I found her down in San Berdoo. Got her into rehab, put her on the right meds. She was the one who helped me turn legit." "Guess she was in love with you," Gemma adds unnecessarily. Nero shrugs all, Such is my lot. I makes the ladies mad with the love. Then he laughs, "Yeah. And the sister thing made that a little messy." "Yeah. Yeah, I can see that," Gemma dryly replies. Anyway, after Gemma came along, it was a short trip to Faye-Dunaway-in-Chinatown "She's my sister! And my daughter!"-style lunacy for poor Carla, who went off her meds. Gemma is genuinely sorry, and tells Nero she'll handle disposing of the remains. Nero is happy to be told what to do here -- it makes things less confusing, no doubt -- and Gemma is happy to be back to mothering big strong gangster men.

In a sign that the times, they are a-changin', her call to Unser goes unanswered because he's too busy checking out the scene at the Roosevelts' like he's legitimate police or something. Unser is taking this home invasion business really personally.

Following his last ever lawn-mowing, Sergeant Jerkstore is enjoying a beer in his kitchen when Chibs comes in and says coldly, "Hey, shitbag." (Do I need to mention that he's armed? He's armed. Also, his hoodie is up which, combined with his Louise Brooks Bob, is making him look disturbingly like the Morton's Salt Girl.) The sergeant goes for whatever firearm he's got stashed in his drawer, but a well-aimed bullet deters him. Then Jax rolls up and asks, "Remember me? I keep my promises." Just then, Mrs. Jerkstore comes out in her bathroom, brandishing a shotgun and telling Jax, Chibs, Tig and Bobby to leave. Guess she called in sick. This is a hell of a way to come out of the Nyquil coma. Anyway, her initial shotgun blast startles the boys, and Sergeant Jerkstore exercises the little-used "In the event of a home invasion, 'for better or for worse' totally does not apply" clause in the marital vows and breaks for the back yard. Bobby and Tig proceed to disarm the missus -- she gets in a good swipe at Tig, which gives him scratches that match the ones Rita left on whichever worthless nomad whose name I refuse to remember -- while Jax and Chibs pull Sergeant Jerkstore off the back fence. And honestly, this was about the time I expected to hear sirens, because we've had multiple gunshots ringing out and surely some neighbor's called 911?

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