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Charming: Where the Men Are Men and the Women Are Disposable

Evidently the Jerkstores lived in a neighborhood devoid of any stay-at-home parents, the underemployed or retired, as nobody's called. This allows the horror show to proceed unimpeded. The Jerkstores are bound and their mouths covered in duct tape. Mr. Jerkstore's on his knees, execution-style. Mrs. Jerkstore's on a chair. Bobby jerks his chin at her and says, "This one's a problem." Tig shrugs, "No, she's not," then puts a bullet through her head. Which... whoa. I suppose Tig's done with accidentally killing people's wives now. Both Chibs and Bobby are disgusted by it, but Jax seems to be suppressing a grin as he says, "She's collateral damage for Ope's murder." Bobby points to the Widower Jerkstore and says, "What about him?" Jax says, "Find a pipe." Oh, shit just got literary.

Meanwhile, it's a busy day for Jax's missus. She's meeting with Otto, who is d-o-n-e with club life. So done. So very done, in fact, that he doesn't bother to show the MC president's old lady any of the respect due to her office and cordially invites her to blow him. Fighting back tears, Tara's all, "I won't do that." Then Otto won't be recanting his testimony against Bobby. He asks the guard to take him away and leaves Tara to marinate in the sewage of her life choices, because she's just realized that at the end of the day, any legitimate respect she may have had as a gifted medical professional is being eroded by the mirage of courtesy that a handful of bikers give her when it's expedient.

So while I do not love that Gemma has called CLAY to deal with her little corpse-on-the-floor problem, I do love that she got fully kitted out in her power drag (skin-tight jeans, skyscraper heels) and put on her face and did her hair before calling her ex. Gemma has clearly delineated priorities. That being said, she also has a case of the stupids, because what is the last thing you'd want to give an ex who has a proven track record of manipulating people based on the secrets he holds over them? LEVERAGE IN THE FORM OF A CORPSE. Forum posters, start your pool on how long it takes before Carla's body surfaces, it looks like a Nero hit, and Clay brings it up at church all, "How can we go into business with this guy? I'm so concerned for the club!"

Sergeant Jerkstore still isn't dead yet, mostly because Tig couldn't find a length of pipe lying around and mysteriously lacks the wrench skills to just detach a length from the plumbing. This does not speak well of his work as a mechanic. Hey... remember how in Season One, these guys would nominally pretend to work as mechanics in between criminal capers? Who do you suppose is running the shop now? Or have the people of Charming finally accepted that Teller Morrow Motors is pretty much the most erratic repair shop in town? Anyway, I am blathering on about things utterly unrelated to this scene because really, there are only so many ways you can beat a man to death with a snowglobe and Jax has exhausted them all in the first two minutes of his bludgeoning. When he's done, he does look strangely at peace.

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