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Charming: Where the Men Are Men and the Women Are Disposable

The next scene has Tig sharing his plans to bury the bodies, with some extra strategery thrown in by Bobby, who would prefer that the two corpses not be discovered by hikers any time soon. Bobby wanders off and Chibs calls to Tig, "Hey!" He slings an arm around him and asks, "You okay?" Tig takes a drag on his cigarette and says, "Yeah. I am. That was really good for me." Chibs pauses for a moment, then gives Tig an affectionate smooch. It is both adorable and deeply disturbing.

Jax takes the time to call the missus, but she's decided not to answer. She's off to check in on her kids at the day care. Gemma is there, happily high-fiving with Abel, and it is the sweetest thing ever. I totally buy it: toddlers are live-in-the-moment creatures, and it is infinitely preferable to live in a moment dominated by someone who loves giving low-fives as opposed to dwelling on a past filled with crazy gun-wielding madams, no?

Gemma and Tara share a moment of genuine happiness over how much they dig Abel, then promptly lie to one another about how boring their mornings were. Gemma says too-casually, "Well, I got someone cleaning rugs at the house. Good to see you." She gives Tara a kiss on the cheek, noms on Abel some more, then takes off.

Jax has an afternoon meeting with Pope, who's all, "Settled your score?" He did. Pope asks testily, "And you still think I'm responsible for the attacks in Charming?" Jax admits, "I'm trying to put together another scenario that makes sense." But on the bright side: the distribution deal's a go. Pope says dismissively, "Good. Glad it all worked out." He is p-i-s-s-e-d that Jax has not wholly let him off the hook on suspicion of the home invasions, and he's doing his best to master it. As Jax goes to get out of the car, Pope says, "Look inside. These attacks ... friends, family, now cops. All that blowback lands in your lap. Somebody's trying to compromise you." "So trust no-one," Jax mutters sullenly. "Loyalty has contingencies," Pope points out. "Look. You know what happens if I take a bullet? Independent security contractors: first one who kills my killer get $5 million dollars. Fear protects me; greed insures me." Jax snots about what a very valuable $5 million lesson he's learned and Pope -- who is born educator, going by how he warms to the challenge of pounding wisdom into Jax's pomaded skull -- says brightly, "You don't need money, Jackson. Just the ability to see the inevitable. Have a good night." And that's one to grow on, Jax.

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