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A Father and Child Reunion is Only an Ocean Away

A knock on the door: Bobby Elvis comes in and interrupts Clay's brown study to deliver a status update: they found "the guy," and Bobby Elvis has checked in with Tig. "They moved Gemma to a hotel outside Rogue River. Club friendly. That Tig and the Oregon guys ... they'll take care of her. She'll be okay." Clay makes the command decision that Gemma is not to find out about Abel, a move that is super-smart from a tactical perspective -- the last thing he needs is his fugitive wife leveling the West Coast with the strength of her nuclear-level fury -- but perhaps not that great in terms of long-term marital strategy. Anyway, Bobby Elvis does admit that he did tell Gemma about Half-Sack, on account of that hitting the news, but "we should be able to protect her from [news about the kidnapping]."

Now that Clay's been reassured in re: Gemma's situation, it's time for him to round up the boys and head over to talk to Jax. As everyone stalks out, all black leather and glowering, Chuckie the Masturbating Accountant wanders by with a pot of coffee and wanly says, "It's okay. I'll tidy up." Hee! It's the little things that make this show amusing. The camera focuses on John Teller's framed mugshot for a moment, then transitions to a close shot of Clay, who's taking his first steps to retrieve John's grandson from Cameron. Excuse me for raving, but it's just such a great little shot. Clay really took over everything of John's, didn't he?

SAMCRO rides by the now boarded-up tobacco shop and pulls into Jax's. Tara lets them in with a head nod and a curt "Nursery," and everyone goes charging back toward the room. Opie damn near blocks out all available light as he looms down the hall; Bobby Elvis gets a phone call and peels off toward the kitchen.

Ope is perhaps the best one to deal with Jax's brand of paralytic grief, so he's the one who peels the unconscious man off the floor and carries him down the hall to the bathroom. As he slaps Jax into semiconsciousness, he tells him that the club's got some information on someone named LeRoy, who did Cameron's fake IDs. Jax is all, " ... whahuhnow?" Chibs throws in his own brand of coaxing ("Come on, Jackie boy."), then stands vigil in the hall with everyone else while Jax is getting de-Calgoned back into reality.

In the hall, Tara throws up her hands and tells Clay, "He's been like this since it happened. I don't know what to do." Clay tells her they'll take care of him. Then Bobby walks out and hands over the phone with, "Love on the line." Clay and Gemma check in with one another, and she asks about Half-Sack's funeral plans. "Wake tonight, funeral tomorrow," Clay tells her, and Gemma frets, "I should be there." The conversation wraps up with a few sweet sentiments, then Gemma asks for Jax. "He just jumped in the shower," Clay says with 100% honesty, then ... "Kiss Abel for me. Tell my boys I love them." Jump cut to Clay wincing all, Faaaaaaaahck me, and you can tell it's killing him to lie to Gemma about Abel. Gemma chokes up, then hangs up.

After the credits: Piney's twiddling with one of Abel's toys and everyone else is hanging out in the kitchen, presumably to give Jax the privacy to complete his toilette. (Look, that hair doesn't get that never-been-combed look right out of the shower by itself. Or does it?) Tara pulls Clay aside for a quick talk and lets him know she's got to talk to Stahl and the FBI about the abduction today. She asks how much of the truth she should tell, and Clay says, "As much as you can. We want everybody looking for Abel. Just give them the basics. The Feds know how Cameron is and his IRA ties. Just leave out the details of our association." Tara asks, "What if those details help find him?" Clay doubts they will: "Cameron killed Sack and took my grandson because Stahl lied and framed Gemma. That's the real truth." Tara's got her doubts about this line of thinking, but Clay chirks her up by telling her how ably she's stepped up after witnessing a murder and Abel's kidnapping, and "You're the best thing that happened to Jax. We're all so glad you're around." He kisses her on the forehead and heads out, meets Jax in the hall for another hug, then heads out. Jax will ride with them, but he wants a minute to talk to Tara.

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