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A Father and Child Reunion is Only an Ocean Away

So, after the day Tara's had -- getting dumped by her boyfriend, having to deal with Stahl -- she caps it off by heading in to do surgery on a toddler. Unfortunately, the good Dr. Knowles has a panic attack right as a fellow doctor makes an abdominal incision, and has to excuse herself. This does not go unnoticed by Margaret Murphy (AKA the administrator Tara beat up in season two).

When Tara heads back to Jax's place, he's busy trying to restore some order to the nursery. She offers to tag in, but he tells her, "I got it. You should go." Tara thinks not. She tells him, "I didn't come back to Charming to run away from Kohn. And I didn't stay because of what we did to him." Jax cleans up some diapers and shrugs, "It doesn't matter now." Tara continues, "When Donna was killed, those things you said to me in the hospital about my life being a series of hit-and-runs, that my face was the only one you saw --" "I shouldn't have said that shit," Jax interrupts. Tara protests, "It was the truth! I have created this ... very serious life for myself. And when I'm inside it, I barely know myself. I have these moments sometimes in the middle of a surgery, when suddenly I'm aware of, of ... my hands, doing these extraordinary things. And I think, 'Whose hands are these? What am I -- I doing here?' When I'm with you, I never ask that question." Jax doesn't want to be responsible for anyone else at this point, not in any way: "I'm not the answer. Look at me. Look at this!" Tara shoots back, "I am always looking at it! My brain never stops: 'Why am I here? Should I be here? Am I afraid to stay? Afraid to go? Afraid to be a mother?' Shit, it's endless. I drive myself crazy." And that is pretty much why she and Jax are a matched pair; both of them have the ability to observe their lives as they live them, and being unable to ignore the contradictions in their lives only exacerbates the ambivalence they feel.

Or maybe it's because, as Tara says, "We don't know who we are until we're connected to someone else." She steps toward him and grabs his cut, saying, "We're just better human beings when we're with the person we're supposed to be with. I wasn't supposed to leave. I belong here." Jax wipes away her tears and grabs her. So ... they're back on?

Tig and Gemma have been traveling under cover of darkness, and they finally arrive where they're supposed to be. Tig says uneasily, "Gem, maybe we should have called first." Gemma says resignedly, "He never answers the phone. That was her job. Come on." She stalks up the front walk to a nice-looking ranch house and rings the bell. The Latina caretaker who answers takes in Gemma and Tig and asks, "Can I help you?" Behind her, an old man's voice querulously insists, "If it's those colored boys again, you can tell them we don't need any more magazines!" Gemma sighs and says, "Tell the reverend I'm not here to sell him any magazines. I'm his daughter."

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