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She Who Gets the Hair Frosting Shall Become Queen of SAMCRO

Jax looks at the photo of himself and Opie. The bigger, redheaded boy -- Opie, one presumes -- is looking at the camera with a clean and sunny grin, while his little blond friend is sitting slightly behind him, observant and amused. It takes Bobby Elvis to pull Jax down to the business of saying goodbye to Opie.

As Jax walks into the clubhouse, everyone rises and follows in his wake. Lyla's standing by Gemma -- Tara's fallen down on the job here -- but Jax passes them both to go in and look at Opie laying in state among the items he'll be carting into afterlife. Jax fights tears as he tucks the picture of the two of them into Opie's jacket, just above his heart, then whispers, "I'll see you later, brother." Clay watches Jax and fights back his own tears. (For whom do you suppose he grieves? For himself at the moment he killed his own best friend? Or for the man he calls "son?") Gemma watches Clay and her face softens slightly.

Then Jax leads the process out of the clubhouse. Opie's borne up by the regulars, ex-Clay (who is clearly too weak) and Gemma and Lyla follow immediately after. Tara finally comes drifting out of the garage to bear witness. The men slide the coffin back in the hearse as Clay and Jax watch, and then everyone stands around and stares significantly. Opie's sent off in a sea of silence, with Jax finally closing the door on his body. As Jax does, the soundtrack sings, "I will not let the future go on/without the help of my soul." Opie had been the soul of the club, free of any overly thinky agenda. Let's see what the future holds for SAMCRO now that its soul is gone.

Lisa Schmeiser is an Oakland-adjacent reporter and blogger. She'll always talk with you about this show on Twitter and she blogs at Penny Wiseacre.

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