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She Who Gets the Hair Frosting Shall Become Queen of SAMCRO

Everyone heads outside after the meeting, just in time for Unser to roll up and provide exposition on Gemma's night. Clay winces when he hears that Gemma was part of the raid on the brothel -- this, to me, suggests that perhaps Clay is the one who called in the tip. Jax and Chibs decide they can go see if Nero wants their particular brand of help and Tig says, "We'll take care of everything for Opie." This opens the door for Unser to ask what exactly needs to be taken care of. Clay tells him, "He never made it out of County." Unser winces and replies, "Oh, Christ -- how?" "How do you think?" Clay snaps, but his heart isn't in it. Unser is left to blink and take in the loss; Bobby gently tells him to come by later and say goodbye.

Carla and Nero enter the Best Little Cathouse in Charming, followed closely by Gemma. Carla seeks the chaos the raid left and nearly breaks down; Nero is far more subdued. Oh wait, I spoke too soon. He's not taking the news of the eviction too well. Gemma stands there silently, not even trying to tidy anything up.

Wendy is in the hospital when she runs into Tara taking the boys to day care. She visibly falters when she sees Abel, but schools her voice to sound normal and says, "I was just on the way to your office." Tara, who is also faking normalcy for the boys, says brightly, "I'll meet you there, okay?" As Wendy watches Abel walk off, she fights off tears.

Tara lets Wendy into her office and Wendy is apologizing with, "I'm sorry -- I didn't know you had them in daycare here." "Don't sit down. You're not staying," Tara interrupts. Wendy says, "I hope you never have to experience what I just felt in that hallway, having your own son walk by you and have no idea who you are." Tara points out, "That's not my fault." What I'm more interested in here is how Gemma so clearly sees Tara as an alienating force between herself and Jax, and Wendy unequivocally identifies Tara as the alienating force between herself and Abel, and Tara is wholly unrepentant in both situations. This makes me wonder what dreadful thing awaits her relationship with her sons in the next two seasons. ANYWAY. The point to this scene is that Wendy owns her past behavior, she is sorry for the prior day's conversation, and "I understand what you're doing. I would probably be reacting the same way. But there has to be a part of you that knows that what I'm asking for isn't just for me. It's about what's best for Abel." Tara says she's the judge of that and Wendy points out that her tenure in that position will be coming to an end once Abel's a teenager. "You can stop me from getting to him, but you can't stop him from wanting to find me. He's going to want to know the truth. He's going to want to know about me. So please, just think about that," Wendy says. Tara looks stricken, perhaps because every ridiculously awful thing in her life from the past few years has stemmed from Jax trying to uncover the truth about his dad against the wishes of his mother.

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