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She Who Gets the Hair Frosting Shall Become Queen of SAMCRO

Further underscoring how removed Gemma's become from the club, she's stuck in her office while the business of grief commences across the yard. But when Nero pulls up, she's careful to walk right out and mack on him in plain sight of Bobby, Chibs and Clay. Why she is allowed anywhere on the grounds is simply baffling; by cutting ties with Clay, she's ceased to be his old lady and so shouldn't be hanging around the club, right? This is just contrived and awkward. Also, Nero needs to stop wearing earth tones because they do nothing for him.

Jax catches this display and he catches the older bikers' reaction to it too. He rolls over and asks if Nero got Emma out safely. Nero claims, "She's on a plane. Back to the heartland," and again, I'm betting that "she's on a plane" means "She's bleeding out" and "Back to heartland" means "Her body will be discovered in San Leandro Bay during low tide." Jax then asks Nero if he's got a minute, as "I want to bounce something off you." Gemma looks piqued by this and watching Carla smoke in the garage doesn't do anything for her mood.

So! Here is what Jax would like to discuss with Nero: the economics of prostitution in the San Joaquin valley. Nero says his girls do "On average, three to five dates a day, take in a minimum of a few hundred a client. A touring girl like Emma Jean, she can do triple that." Jax asks if Nero's happy with that return. He should damn well be -- he's not the one who's buying Astroglide by the barrel, the girls are. Nero reveals, "I got an endgame here, mano. $1.3 million. I'm going to buy my uncle's spread down in Norco. Twenty three acres. My kid loves animals. I'm going to give him a goddamn farm." Jax smiles benevolently, "I like that. How close are you?" "Not nearly close enough," Nero says. Jax says, "Maybe I can help you get there a little faster. [Caracara] is a porn biz we used to handle. Most of these girls, they gotta supplement [their work] with the porn star experience, $1500 to $5000 a date. They need a booker." Nero's hands shake with excitement as he asks if Jax still has access to all of them. Jax does. He leans forward and says, "There's an old Elks lodge for rent out on Route 88. It's the perfect location -- no neighbors, close to major highways. I'll cover all the new start-up costs. Then we split everything 50/50." Why is Jax being so generous? Because Opie's made him assess the future: "I gotta start moving us away from the shit that's killing us." (And good luck with that while you're still on the hook to the CIA, but let's put a pin in that complication until a later episode, eh?) Nero says, "If we were to do a deal, it would have to be completely clear of all of your other traffic." Jax is down with that. He's also got a condition: "I can't mix business and family. The shit with [Gemma], Clay and Tara -- it's deep, man. It will bleed all over us." Nero asks, "You sure that's a business request, not some twisted Mommy thing?" Jax purrs, "I untwisted my Mommy thing a long time ago. You gotta stay clear of Gemma." It takes Nero all of ten seconds (I counted) to agree. The men are shaking on it.

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