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She Who Gets the Hair Frosting Shall Become Queen of SAMCRO

Honestly? I think this was Nero's endgame all along. He wanted out of his partnership with Carla and he wanted access to name-brand hookers (i.e. porn actresses) and he knew that he could get the latter by ingratiating himself with SAMCRO. So it's a matter of whoring himself out a little to Gemma, using the chaos the club generates as a cover for destroying his business and now he's got a whole new venture that he doesn't have to outlay capital to launch, and all it cost was a few hours of companionator charm. I will be pleasantly surprised if I'm wrong.

Gemma's actually paid Wendy back and she takes the opportunity to tell Wendy about Opie, then rubs it in that Wendy's persona non grata in the clubhouse so she can't go pay her respects. Then, weirdly, Gemma pulls Wendy in for a hug with "Come here, honey." Wendy manages not to pull away immediately, but peels off, biting back tears as she goes. Gemma watches, stone-faced. As Wendy walks off, she passes Tara, seeming not to see her. That does not work both ways, alas, so Tara comes over to Gemma breathing fire. Gemma dismisses her with, "Relax," and when Tara grabs Gemma's arm and says, "Do not ignore me," Gemma gives Tara the full force of her attention in the form of a shove up against a wall. Tara pushes Gemma off with a reflexive, "Get your hands off me!" Gemma looks out her office window and sees Carla; we see the giant light bulb go off over Gemma's head and she coolly manipulates the angry Tara into getting into a massive, bloody, hair-pulling brawl with Carla. Complete with Carla taking off her earrings before she begins putting the hurt on anyone. It is just... did anyone here have any respect left for Tara? Because if you did, I'm sure it's on the floor next to Carla's earrings.

While Tara's brawling with hookers, Jax is on the rood of the clubhouse, alone in his grief. We see the members of the club -- and their friends and hangers-on -- leaving items of significance in Opie's coffin. Chibs leaves a rosary, for example. We also see Nero helping the battered Carla into the truck. She gets in and gives Gemma an oddly triumphant look. Then Nero turns to look at Gemma and his gaze is flatly reproachful. Gemma watches him go, realizing that once again, she should probably look up the definition of "Pyrrhic victory." Tara's hiding in the machine shop, cradling her blood-drenched cast and sparking a doob. (Hey, where are those children she is so adamant are hers? Come to think about it, where are Opie's children? Or his mom?)

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