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Blessed Are the Peacemakers, for They Get to Go to Ireland

Clay -- who stayed out of the Great Smack Caper of '10 for many reasons -- is in Unser's office. He sits and says he never got a chance to formally express his condolences on Hale's passing, and does so with, "Hale was a pain in the ass, but that's a bad way to go." Sensitively put, Clay. No doubt Unser appreciates it. Clay makes his pitch to Unser: "You and me, we've been through a lot, Wayne. We made a deal to keep the blood out of our back yard. Well, lately I ain't been holding up my end. Half-Sack getting killed, drive-by outside of [the funeral home] ... I just want to let you know that the weight of that ain't been lost on me, and I ain't ever going to let that happen again." Clay's looking directly at Unser, but the sheriff won't look anywhere at him. Unser finally speaks. "I wish I could believe that, Clay. Truth is, I feel closer to SAMCRO than I do most folks in [the police precinct]." Clay continues with his baby-come-back speech, "We got a line on where Abel is. Belfast. We're going to go get him." Unser raises his eyebrows politely, because it beats snidely saying, "And 'Belfast' is code for 'a bar down the street,' because I know you're not telling a sworn officer of the law you're about to blow town on the day you have a bail hearing." Clay wordlessly confirms that he's talking about Belfast, Ireland, and Unser says angrily, "Is that what this is about, this mea culpa? You need a favor?" Why, yes! That is what this is about. Unser says, "The compromises I make, the associations I have, at the end of the day, the thing that allows me to sleep is knowing that I'm keeping Charming safe. And I ain't been sleeping much lately, Clay. I cannot help you go AWOL. I wish that didn't make me feel as bad as it does." The two men exchange a long look, filled with a lot of regrets.

Gemma's now giving her statements to the Feds. In the room: Gemma, Counselor Calamity, Stahl, her girlfriend Agent Tyler, and some man in a suit whose job it is to take notes. Gemma starts by explaining that she spied Polly in a grocery store and followed her to the safe house because she was in the mood to issue a little post-rape vengeance. Gemma then outlines this sequence of events: "I walked into the house, saw Polly in the doorway of the back room. She had a gun. I took mine out. That's when I saw the Irish kid laying on the ground, dead." Stahl mutters, "That's a lie," and the lone man in the room looks back at Stahl and says, "This is a deposition, not an interrogation [pause], agent. You're here as a courtesy." Stahl tries to simmer down. At least, I think she tries. Ally Walker's face is so dermabrasioned, Botoxed, Juvedermed and otherwise treated, it's tough to get a read on the trout-pout Kabuki mask she has passing as an expression. Gemma continues, "Polly spotted me, and got her gun. I shot first. Kill or be killed." In the background, Counselor Calamity heroically restrains herself from an epic facepalm. Gemma says, "Then I sat on the couch, kind of in shock, really. Never killed anybody before. Then this ATF agent walked out of the back room. She'd been hiding there the whole time. My guess? She's the one who killed Edmond, put the dirty kill on me." Stahl tries to look indignant while snarling, "You're a liar." Counselor Calamity says, "We're not asking you to make guesses, Gemma." The male Fed asks, "Can you identify the agent?" Can she? Gemma pegs Agent Tyler as the dirty killer. Stahl lets her jaw unhinge to indicate shock. Agent Tyler continues to look impassive, as only the innocent can.

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