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Blessed Are the Peacemakers, for They Get to Go to Ireland
The only one who doesn't instantly fling his hands up and dive for the carpet is Bobby Elvis. He just sits back and lights a cigarette, correctly figuring that there's no point in rushing things. The blonde apologizes under her breath to Jax as she orders him to the floor. As Clay creakily lowers himself, he sees Unser and can't help the look of acute betrayal that passes across his face.

And the raid is now over -- the po-po found nothing of interest -- and SAMCRO figures it out: the raid was about search-and-seizure, and the cops must have been looking for prescription drugs. How fortunate for SAMCRO that they had unloaded the last of them mere minutes ago. Juice asks, "How the hell did they know?" and Jax nearly swallows his tongue when he realizes this has to be linked to his deal at the clinic. Tig fields a phone call and peels off in one direction. Clay decrees the whole thing as bullshit and charges off toward Unser.

As Unser's getting into his vehicle, Clay wrenches the door open and snarls, "We're face to face a couple of hours ago, you can't give me the hint that shit's going to go down?" Unser correctly protests that he didn't know and it happened fast. Clay is not buying it, and as he walks back over to Jax, he snarls, "Cancer boy? Dead to us." Oh, that decision will not work out well for SAMCRO over this season, I don't think. And as if Clay doesn't have enough on his plate right now, what with the seething fury and all, Gemma just talked to Tig, and Osborne's on his way over. Clay gives random orders to people: "Call our friend. We got half an hour to pull this shit off."

A Prius pulls up, and Opie's all, "Ah, crap." It's so awkward when your girlfriend visits on the job sometimes. Especially when she brings along the walking petri dish known as Ima. Opie's all, "What is she doing here?" and Lyla would rather not say, "I'm abetting her persistent stalking of Jax Teller" so she vaguely mutters things about Ima needing a ride (... and a penicillin drip, no doubt) and tells Opie that she'd like the Caddy so she can pick up the kids from school. Opie goes digging for the keys. Meanwhile, Ima goes digging for Jax's libido. She saunters over to where he's getting on his motorcycle and says, "This is probably a bad time, but I was hoping to get that lift home." Jax says, "You're right. It is a bad time," then vrooms off. Ima saunters off, presumably to re-evaluate her game. Here's a hint, Ima: Think about why you no longer have a working car in the first place. Then ask yourself if maybe there's someone else in the club who doesn't come with a trigger-happy old lady riding behind him.

Stepfather and son are now strolling through the corridors of the hospital. Within seconds, it appears everything is coming up Teller-Morrow: Not only do they get to see the body of the rat being wheeled away, they also get a walk-by meeting with Counselor Calamity and their bail hearing's been pushed back ten days. Jax feigns surprise at this development, then peels off to wait for "our friend."

In Gemma's hospital room, she and Clay are giving Osborn the 411 on Abel. He listens and says, "I'm sorry about Abel, I really am. But if I'm going to have a shot against Hale, I can't be associated with SAMCRO." Clay revives the speech he gave to Unser about keeping the violence out of the back yard. He then asks, "Your forestry equipment -- how do you get it overseas?" Why, via cargo jets out of Stockton. And then the penny drops for Osborn and he realizes Clay is asking him to set up a cargo jet to Belfast so SAMCRO can fly overseas without the hassles of flying commercial. It's a smart move, but I confess: I am a little disappointed that this means we won't get an episode where SAMCRO's stuck in the coach seats on a transcontinental flight. Just imagine the hijinks! Bobby Elvis charming someone into giving him the aisle seat on an emergency row. Tig ravaging flight attendant after flight attendant, then shrugging, "It was a long flight. I had to find something to do!" Opie stewing as he tries to fold himself into a middle seat. It could have been comedy gold. Oh, the missed opportunity.

Clay ends up sealing the deal by introducing Osborn to Alvarez -- with Alvarez personally delivering assurances of no more bloodshed. He rolls out of the chapel with a "Hope you find your boy" to Jax. Aww, biker dad code! It is amazing to me how many of these guys -- those boys who had Cammy's boat, Alvarez, etc. -- seem genuine when they wish Jax well. ANYWAY. Osborn realizes he's running out of good excuses to say no to SAMCRO, and sighs that he's got a cargo flight to Manchester, Great Britain tomorrow evening at 6 p.m. He and Clay shake on it, and it looks like SAMCRO's about to head overseas! If they time it right, they can even take in a Manchester United game. I have a feeling that SAMCRO + football hooligans = proof that some universal human traits transcend nationality or upbringing.

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