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Someone Found the “Multiple Undo” Command

A tiny noise and Jax's attention shifts to the door, where Gemma is standing. This should, in theory, be her triumph: Her son in the president's seat and not abandoning Charming. But she looks disquieted.

Tara does not miss this. As she rises, Jax gives his mom a combative, closed-off look. Tara then stands behind Jax and drapes one arm possessively around him, staring matter-of-factly at Gemma. We get a shot of Gemma's face, and she looks as if she's seen her life pass in front of her eyes. And in a way, she has: Tara is standing behind Jax in the same posture she stood behind JT thirty-odd years ago. And, as in the picture, Tara is staring at someone she perceives as threatening, while Jax sits at the head of the table, wearing a trapped look. And if we don't get the visual allusion, the camera helpfully morphs from the modern tableau to the Gemma/JT one.

That wraps up the season. I'd like to thank all of you who took the time to read the recaps, to talk about them on the forums or over email, and who sent me pictures of Opie and Filthy Phil standing together and causing our planet to wobble on its axis. Y'all are the classiest show fans going. And I would not like to thank FX, unless their goal was to make sure I was the only recapper on the Internet who did not get screeners and thus could not turn around the recaps in a more timely fashion. (If that was the case, FX, then well done.)

ANYWAY. Thank you all for the enthusiastic forum discussion, thanks to moderator TWOP Howard for rocking along with us, and I look forward to seeing everyone again in September 2012.

Lisa Schmeiser is an Oakland-adjacent reporter and editor. Keep up with her via Twitter at, keep an ear out for her on The Incomparable podcasts, and keep her inbox full at

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