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Someone Found the “Multiple Undo” Command

Roosevelt asks what this little twist means for the RICO bust. "It means that Kurt Sutter is one crafty mofo for completely shaking up the playing field three minutes into a season finale," Grad replies. In my dreams. On screen, Potter says, "It means our government is backing one cartel to overthrow the others. 'Cause if you control the drugs, you control the politics." Medina -- who looks like a boy wearing his First Communion suit -- squeaks the party line: "It's how we stabilize an important ally." Potter's back is to us, but we can hear his eyes rolling as he says, "Oh, yes, that too."

The upshot: the CIA gets to shut down the RICO operation. So let's all have a moment of silence for those 98,000 man hours down the drain. Actually, let's have a moment of silence for the U.S. taxpayers in the Sons of Anarchy universe, as they're the ones who just funded those 98,000 wasted hours and they're also underwriting a cocaine cartel. And here you thought paying June Stahl's salary was a slap in the face to American taxpayers.

Romeo explains that the deal with SAMCRO and the Real IRA has to go through, and evidently the Justice Department thinks so too. I can't even... you know, I realize that most governmental agencies are siloed, but you'd think that the DOJ would have a computer program that could flag certain names when they came up in domestic probes. There is just so much that boggles the mind about this development, it's enough to make one sympathize with Grover Norquist's sentiment that the U.S. government need only be big enough to drown in a bathtub.

Anyway, as Medina squeaks to Grad about turning over all the files, Potter walks off into the woods. Romeo watches him go.

Back at the Coke-K corral, the Real IRA walks into the bar. Galen ignores Jax's greeting and asks for Clay. Jax explains that Clay's indisposed right now, on account of having more holes in him than a plot about one government agency deep-sixing another agency's massive, expensive legal case. Galen looks skeptical of the goings-on, and his expression does not change once he's shaking Romeo's and Luis's hands. Galen then asks when Clay will be back on his feet, and although Jax assures him that SAMCRO's up to speed on the schedules and routes for the guns, Galen snits, "I made it very clear to Clay, the only way this deal happens is if he's running it." Jax visibly gathers his patience and says, "We run things as a club. We can make this work without Clay." Galen says, "It's not about making it work; it's about trust. I have little in you and less in them." Romeo looks indignant, which is sort of hilarious. Galen snots. "When Clay's back at the table, we can discuss the deal. Until then, there is none." Then he walks out, leaving Romeo, Tig, Luis, Chibs and Jax to debate what the "IRA" stands for in "Real IRA:" I'm Really Aggravating or Irksome Ridiculous A$$holes?

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