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To Be, Act 2

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Someone Found the “Multiple Undo” Command

Jax turns around and Romeo's right on his rear end, almost like he's about to launch into Dirty Dancing 3: We've Become Extraordinarily Open Minded. Romeo says, "We've got to talk," and Jax is all, "Oh, you think?"

The Feds have broken down the staging area for the RICO sting with amazing efficiency. Potter remarks as such, "Goes down as quickly as it goes up." Roosevelt asks, "So that's it? They just let the MCs continue to run drugs and sell weapons to the goddamn cartel?" Potter rolls his eyes as he replies, "For the greater good." Roosevelt asks, "What about the smaller good? They are doing this shit in my county." Potter deliberates a moment and then hands over Juice's jacket. He says, "I thought you might want to be the one to release [Juice]. I had the DEA raid his weed shop, tell the workers that they picked up the owners. It gives him a cover story for the last 24 hours. I've stricken Juice's colored past from the record. He's free and clear." And thus we have SEASON FOUR PLOT REWINDOMATIC USE #1.

Roosevelt gives Potter a look that really should go into the Oxford English Dictionary as the illustration for "WTF?" and asks why Potter would do that. Potter says, "Because. The bad guys won today, sheriff. And they may not know it yet, but Juice and the MC are on the losing end, just like us." He nods, extends his hand and says, "I have tremendous respect for you, Eli." They shake, and Potter begins to walk off. Roosevelt finally shakes off his bafflement and calls out, "You're a really odd dude, man. You know that's really hard to get past, right?" Potter stops and almost smiles as he explains, "I do. But it serves a purpose. I don't really like people all that much. Be well, sir." And with that, the two good guys part for the season. Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh. I shall miss their partnership.

Back at the Coke-K Corral, Jax closes the barn doors for a little tête-à-tête with Luis and Romeo. He says, "Look, I'm sorry. We really thought we could pull this off. The truth is, we're in over our heads. I know Clay thought we could make this work, but we can't. We're not drug mulers, big arms dealers. We're small-time, man. We can't do this anymore." Romeo replies politely, "I'm afraid we're at cross-purposes, Mr. Teller." Then he and Luis flash their badges. Jax takes a moment to be stunned. Don't worry, Jax. A scant five minutes ago, we were where you are.

Luis explains, "Otto Delaney did sell you out. U.S. attorney was going to crush this meet with RICO. We stopped them because we need this relationship to continue." Romeo steps in to explain how the CIA is subsidizing the murderous Galindo cartel, and they need the money from the Irish guns and the coke to do that, or else they're going to have to start using U.S. taxpayer money. His sense of patriotism inflamed, Jax promptly -- I'm sorry. I can't even finish that sentence, I'm laughing too hard at the idea of anyone in SAMCRO regarding "U.S.A." as anything but a collection of letters in reverse-alphabetical order.

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