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To Be, Act 2

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Someone Found the “Multiple Undo” Command

Hale tries to cut Potter's monologue off, but the city council head is all, "No, no -- by all means, please continue." Potter says, "As a public servant in this district, I thought the good people of Charming needed to know the truth." Potter heads toward the door, leaving the citizenry to goggle at the assorted paraphernalia, and Hale the Lesser runs after him, asking desperately, "Why are you doing this?" Potter wheels on him and says, "Because I don't like you." He turns back and adds to himself, "And the good guys need a win."

Over at St. Are The Resusci Annies Safe From the Natuski Family Customers?, Tig is busy keeping a vigil at Clay's bedside. Jax comes by and asks him to am-scray, as it's time for an I-murdered-your-father/son moment. Tig leaves with a promise to call the guys and tell them about the church meeting at 8 p.m.

So Jax stands over Clay, visibly fighting the urge to kill him. He pulls out the syringe Tara gave him, studies the IV line, heads toward the door, then goes to lower the shade.

Clay picks that moment to wake up, gasping, "Son." Jax steels himself, puts back the syringe with a look like distress, then lowers the shade as he pulls out his knife. And you know what I just got distracted by? We've seen in prior episodes that visitors have to go through a metal detector. So how on Earth did that knife make it past the security guards? Ahem.

Jax makes his way over to Clay and grabs Clay's cut. He lays it over Clay's torso, and right as Clay asks, "What are you --?" Jax holds his knife to Clay's throat and whispers, "I read the letters. I know you killed my father. Piney. You tried to kill Tara." Clay gasps, "Please, son --" Jax says softly, "Don't call me that. The only reason I am not slicing you open right now is I need this cartel deal to happen and those prick Irishmen won't deal with anyone else. You're done telling me anything. Now I tell you: You're stepping down as president. You can sit at the table, you can have a vote, but that's it. You keep the Irish happy, and you stay out of my goddamn way. If you don't, I let the club read the letters and I let Opie tell everyone you murdered his old man. You stay away from Tara and my mother. Do you understand?"

What is truly frightening about the scene -- aside from the fact that he never raises his voice -- is how Jax has something like a smile on his face the whole time. Remember how in the previous episode, Jax told Tara that extreme rage could make one feel as though they were in a state of remarkable clarity? At this point, Jax is so clear, he could be used to measure diamonds' 4Cs.

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