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Someone Found the “Multiple Undo” Command

Once Clay has said he understands, Jax cuts off the "President" patch. Clay gasps, "You may as well kill me." "You're already dead," Jax says. Then he spits on Clay and takes his leave.

Enter Gemma. Jax just plants himself in the hall and looks resigned to what follows, namely Gemma deciding that the best thing she can do for her son is to ask him to break his promise to his old lady. Jax says, "I'm not going anywhere. Don't worry. He won't hurt you again." Gemma hugs Jax, but he looks like he's barely tolerating it. He really does not care what his mom is feeling right now. Gemma doesn't twig to this, though, and totters down the hall to see Clay lying in bed clutching his cut. She turns and walks away wordlessly.

Let's all address the elephant in the room here. It is going to be really awkward next season when Gemma starts dating again. Especially if she takes up with Tig.

Cut to Roosevelt's office, where Rita is regaling her husband with the story of Potter's visit to the city council meeting. She adds that Potter's intel so unnerved the good people of Charming that Charming Heights is now off the table. So, to recap: It is apparently okay when a white supremacist opens up a smoke shop downtown. And having an MC full of felons running rampant within city limits is okay. But by golly, the city fathers of Charming draw the line at sex toy entrepreneurs underwriting a housing development.


Anyway, the point to this scene is to set up the plot arc for Season Five. Remember how last week, Tig took out Laroy's old lady? It turns out the late Veronica Pope is the daughter of Oakland crime kingpin Damon Pope. And now poor Roosevelt will be dealing with the Pope and his cascade of cardinals next year, all thanks to the dumb lie Jax told about black people shooting Clay. Also, it is a shame Clarke Peters is currently tied up with Treme, because he would be an awesome crime kingpin. Or we could go with Robert Wisdom and thereby make it a Prison Break reunion of sorts. I may be overthinking this.

Jax and Opie have a meet-up outside Jax's house. Jax asks how Opie's wrist is, and the other man says tartly, "It's fine considering a bullet just went through it." Jax lets that opportunity to apologize drop to the floor and writhe awkwardly for a while. He thanks Opie for swinging by. The point to the talk: Jax confirms that Clay did kill Piney, and the only reason Clay is still alive is because the club needs him for the Irish guns deal.

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