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And The Truth Shall Set You Free
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Morning in Charming and evidently Jax and Tara have the only two under-fives in all of Christendom who will sleep until 9 a.m., because Tara's up and reading through the job packet that the Providence pediatrics practice pressed upon her. Jax comes in and Tara fills him in: the practice made her an offer, they need a neonatal specialist and they're fine with her hand because Tara can continue therapy up in Oregon. "If we can get through this Otto mess..." Tara trails off. "Which we will," Jax promises. Tara leans forward and says, "I know why you couldn't walk away a few months ago. The club's been your whole life -- you couldn't let it die. I think I fell in love with you even more after that. You're a beautiful, loyal man, Jax." Going by the glare Jax is giving Tara, he knows there's a "but" coming... and here it is: "But ending RICO saves SAMCRO. And whatever happens with Clay, you have put the MC on the right track, you've done everything you wanted to do, baby. It's your turn now. We can move on. And after yesterday, I... I can't help but feel like this is some kind of last chance for us."

Somehow, that manages to slide over Jax's head -- I blame the pomade -- and he murmurs, "We don't have to make that decision now." Actually they do, as the practice needs an answer by the end of the week. Bafflingly, instead of saying, "Go for it! I'll get the prospects to start wrapping the china," Jax wants to talk to their lawyer first to see what the odds are on Tara getting nailed for accessory to murder. Tara says flatly, "Okay, baby." I think Jax just told her everything she needed to know about where his loyalties really are.

Chez Gemma and boy, is the morning after awkward. Clay tries to ease the tension over morning coffee with, "I'm aware we don't just pick up where we left off. Maybe this is a chance for us, Gem... to do it different. No lies, no secrets." "Maybe," squeaks the woman who is lying about why she's back with Clay in the first place. That said Gemma's not above using Clay for manual labor, asking him to put back the boxes of LuAnn's stuff and inadvertently providing the pieces of the puzzle as to how Jax is getting rid of RICO (i.e. nullifying Otto's testimony).

Well, that was fast: Lowen's at the Teller-Knowles breakfast table (that must be a hell of a retainer the club has her on) and it's not looking good, on account of Tara having forged all the documentation to see Otto in the first place, which could suggest that she was in on Otto needing a weapon from the go. As Lowen outlines the many ways in which a prosecutor could nail Tara's bottom to the wall, Chibs looks over at Abel in the living room, watching TV and completely unaware that Mom might be headed to the hoosegow. Thomas begins crying and Tara rises to go tend to him. After she goes, Jax confirms with Lowen that Otto's brand new felony charge does indeed destroy his reliability as a witness and therefore kills the testimony that the RICO case is built upon. Lowen is sort of taken aback that Jax is asking about this, pointing out, "This could unravel for Tara, Jax. She could do serious time for this." Jax shoutily requests that Lowen "make sure that doesn't happen." Lowen snaps back, "I manipulate the law. I don't write it." She's off, probably to go eat her feelings with a Sausage McMuffin and regret her life choices.

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