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And The Truth Shall Set You Free

Tara is walking out of the hospital daycare with the boys. Donal Logue is sitting there, just watching her leave...

Clay's sitting down in his old bedroom, watching Gemma prep the cortisone for him and he mumbles, "Can I ask you about Nero?" "I have a needle in my hand," Gemma reminds him. She really is good at deflection. Clay fishes about the whole smooch goodbye and Gemma claims, "It was never anything real. It still isn't. No more questions." Clay's phone rings and he checks the readout: "Juice. It's the fourth time he's called." "It's never too late to adopt," Gemma says wryly. Clay is not going along with the joke. Instead, he gives Gemma a look that channels all the sincerity he can muster and tells her he loves her. Gemma looks at him, and you can see all sorts of emotions playing across her face -- regret, sadness, caution -- before she summons something like pity and says, "I love you too." There's a knocking on the back door and Clay says he'll handle it.

And oh, awkward alert! It's Nero, who is looking quite rough on account of his busy day of shooting his former gang brothers. Nero rasps out, "I just wanted to know if she heard anything about Jax." (Oh, Gemma. Not even a text to this guy?) Clay's all, "Oh, did she not say anything? Jax is fine. Also, it had nothing to do with your people." Nero is reeling and Gemma happens upon Clay hanging in the doorway and Nero having a nervous breakdown on her back step. She shoos Clay away, then turns back to Nero. Once he's inside, he tries to pull himself together -- "Ghosts, baby, ghosts. Some very familiar ones." Gemma says, "I don't know what's going on, but now's not the time -- "Yeah, yeah. I guess we can't stop the inevitable," Nero says bitterly. He would like to know what in the hell is going on and naturally, Gemma can't tell him. You can tell that Gemma would love to spill all that's going on, but has to settle for making the Bambi eyes at Nero instead and telling him she loves him, and really, it's enough to make you feel really bad for the Companionator, because a scant two or three weeks into knowing Gemma and she's already caused him to lose his business, his sister, his reformed-gangster ways and now, very probably, whatever good sense he had left.

Meanwhile, over at Clay's, Juice is freaking out because Clay's moved everything out of the air vent. Jax facepalms and explains to Bobby and Chibs that the nomads had given Clay back all of the legal papers in the stolen safe and he was going to use those papers as "proof" that Clay had orchestrated the home invasion scheme as part of his PR offensive, "Jax Teller: Worst SAMCRO President Ever." As this drags on, I find myself more and more skeptical as to why "proof" actually matters. Since when has anyone in this club ever waited for proof of anything? There's a whole host of dead women who can bear testimony to the SAMCRO way of shooting first, asking questions later. And then Jax gets all upset that Juice left Clay alone in his house -- upset like right hook to the jaw upset. Chib manhandles Juice upwards, not too gently and then hauls him out the door. But for all that Chibs is angry at Juice for being... well, Juice, Bobby is furious at Jax. Eyes snapping in outrage, he quavers, "You enlisted him in your war on Clay. That's why you didn't want to bring the rat to the table." Then Bobby natters on about proof again, blah de effing blah play out the plot, and urges Jax to move on and maybe not piss all over the club by letting his hate for Clay get the upper hand. Jax is all, "OH, YOU THINK THIS IS JUST ABOUT THE NOMADS?" and drops the Maureen Ashby/John Teller epistolary business on Chibs and Bobby, concluding, "Clay killed my old man. Maureen put the letters in my bag when we left Belfast. Tara found them, gave them to Piney. Clay found out. That's why he killed Piney. That's why he tried to kill Tara. Clay was the one that ordered the attack on her. He's responsible for what happened to her hand." Cut to Chibs looking all, Oh, holy smokes... and Bobby looks like he's just been concussed. Jax drops the mike and exits, leaving the two older men to think over what they've just learned.

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