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And The Truth Shall Set You Free

ANYWAY, Tig is staring fixedly at a point just beyond Clay's eyebrows and it's evident he wants nothing more than to grab Clay's jaw and beat him to death with it, especially since that jaw is flapping around making noises about brotherhood. Tig shuts that down and Clay redirects, "I do miss having you on my right." "You killed that, not me," Tig points out. Clay gets to his thank-you-for-being-a-friend spiel and says, "I will never forget that." "Yeah? I'm trying to forget that. We done?" Tig replies. Clay gets to the point: should Tig get "tired of watching your president suck up to the guy that burned your daughter alive," there may be a future for him after SAMCRO if he teams up with Clay. Tig refrains from pointing out that Jax's relationship with Pope is the only thing that's keeping him from meeting the same fate as poor dead Dawn. Instead, he gets up and wordlessly lets Clay know he won't be at his right again.

Tara is watching a surgery on the monitor, looking beautiful and transfixed as she peers at the screen. Then she looks at the surgeon using both hands to prep a tool and the rapt gaze gives way to something a lot less certain.

So! The New Best Little Whorehouse In Charming is open for business, and not that I've ever patronized one of these joints or talked to anyone about their visits to one, but I'm thinking that the clientele may not be so keen on mingling with one another? Eh, whatever. Anything to generate an excuse to show lots of women wearing WhoreMart's Fall 2012 line. Lyla is working an adorable Valley of the Dolls look as she dominates the room in her wheelchair. Jax beams to see his BFF's widow as the queen prostitute in his new business venture, then learns from Lyla that Nero's out back having a vigorous exchange of ideas with his former crew.

Long story short: Nero's old crew is not too happy that he's got a whole new business line outside the old 'hood and they're shaking him down in the hopes that he'll hook them up with SAMCRO for guns. Since this does not fit in with Nero's plan to stay free of the life while making that farm-in-Mexico grubstake, he's resistant to the idea. There's some shouting and then it's Mexicans vs. bikers in a shoving match, and Bobby fires his gun to get everyone's attention. "Do you think this is the way to get the town to embrace our legitimate business?" he asks. "Dude, you just fired a gun," Happy points out. Ha! I love me some of that weirdly non-lethal, neat freak assassin.

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