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And The Truth Shall Set You Free

Although Unser reels as he heads to the door, he insists on opening it for Tara and they toddle down the hallway veeeeeeeeery slowly. He asks about Tara's hand and she grouses that it's healing slowly. "Don't give up on that. Staying positive is the best cure," Unser says. "Reeeeeeally," Tara states dryly. "Shit, I hope not. If it is, I'm screwed," Unser replies and they both crack up. Then he has to take a seat, because he feels so bad. Unser then asks, "What's wrong, sweetheart? I know my Stage IV charm is magnetic, but that ain't why you come to see me." Tara laughs at how easily Unser called her out, and then lays her existential crisis on his frail shoulders: "I think of you as being this kind of watcher, the kind of guy that's seen it all, beginning to end. I guess I need a little impartial perspective. [Unser takes her hand.] I love Jax. My boys. I love being his wife. And I've embraced the club and the guys, and... I'm okay with the life." "Seems like you've left yourself off that list," Unser prods. Tara gets an "A-ha!" look on her face, then breaks down as she says, "I used to love... being a surgeon." And before she can go any further, poor Unser's had to sprint past her to toss his cookies. As Tara hands him a tissue, she asks, "You okay?" and the two of them end of laughing at the sheer absurdity of that query. Unser says, "Let's go feed the little people, okay?" Still laughing, they walk arm and arm down the hall.

(I will admit, there is a part of me that wants Tara to toss both kids in the minivan and drive until she hits Jefferson.)

That phone call Clay took was from Romeo, which we can infer from the fact that Clay's meeting with Romeo in a demo yard right now. Romeo is none too pleased to inform Clay, "Otto killed a nurse last night and RICO's dead." Clay swears, and it's small consolation when Romeo flips open his federal ID to tell him, "You were right. We need the guns for bigger game and the coke to pay for it." Since killing RICO signals that Jax wants to end the deal, Luis would like to make sure Clay works with them to ensure that the deal remains safe. Romeo: "We're going to take him out, and anyone who stands in the way." Luis: "We suggest you make your move back to the head of the table before your charter evaporates." That hits Clay, but not how these two think it does. Clay tells them, "You know, getting rid of RICO ain't about guns or drugs. It's about getting rid of RICO. Charter's gotten used to all this cartel cash. Jax knows that. Let me speak to him. Leave him be." I find Clay's mingled feelings toward Jax to be utterly fascinating -- the resentment over the passing of the torch, but the lingering paternal love he can't compartmentalize.

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