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And The Truth Shall Set You Free

ANYWAY. Clay is busy giving Jax a heads-up that he's likely to die if he comes between the cartel and its need for an unobstructed guns-and-blow pipeline. He also adds that he turned down the cartel's offer to fill the leadership seat that would be so tragically vacated. Clay adds, "You and me, we sat in that tow truck a few months back and you told me how you wanted out, you wanted something better for your boys. That we were gonna make some back and move on -- "That changed when you murdered Piney and tried to kill my wife," Jax brightly rebuts. "This isn't about me and my mistakes! It's about you and the one that you're about to make," Clay says. Jax just smirks in his general direction. Clay explains, "The CIA/cartel thing has a shelf life. And by the time they split, all the legit shit you've been putting in place will be in full swing. But for you, you got to keep Romeo in place. Make your bank, son -- "STOP. Calling me son," Jax says. Anyway, Clay urges Jax to stick to the original plan, Jax tells Clay, "I've got a different plan. I'm tired of being crushed under the weight of greedy men who believe in nothing. I have to change that."

Clay reports back to Romeo that Jax did not accept his sales pitch, and asks for more time. Once Romeo hangs up the phone, he tells Luis, "He couldn't do it. Make the call." Dun-dun-DUN.

Jax lets Bobby know that Clay knows everything, and then they zoom off to go make a deal with Lin. Meanwhile at the clubhouse, Gemma takes a break from mothering a post-chemo Unser to try and throw Nero a few bones and keep him on the line until she plays out this Clay thing. Because Nero's not an idiot, he asks, "Is there something I should know here?" Gemma lies unconvincingly that there is not. Clay comes out just as Nero gives Gemma a goodbye peck, which should make for some awesome pillow talk between the deposed king and queen of Charming later. As Unser watches Clay watching Gemma, he offers sympathy in the form of a joint. Clay takes it.

Over at St. They Have The Budget To Keep Non-Operating Surgeons On Staff?, Karen of Providence Medical Practice has swung by Tara's office and, long scene short, she's going to take the job! "I want to move forward with the offer." But she's going to keep it quiet for now, citing a need to let her husband, the "small business owner," come to grips with the idea of leaving Charming. Okay, with that small step, she may be on the road away from being THE WORST.

We're in the pen and nobody has bothered to help Otto change into an un-bloodied shirt. That's understandable, given how casually Otto kills prison staff. ANYWAY. He's in an interrogation room when a nattily attired Lee Toric comes in. Lee says, "I know you want to die. And you will. But before that happens, there are a few things we need to do." Otto laughs, "RICO's dead, bitch. I ain't giving you shit, whoever you are." Lee says, "This isn't about RICO and I'm not a Fed. I'm just a citizen." Otto's smile slips from his face and he asks what Lee wants. Lee says, "I do want something. When a man is forced to put away what he does, sometimes he forgets who he is. Thank you for giving me something to want, Otto." Otto leans forward, almost beseechingly and then Lee leans down to snarl, "These next few months will be the most excruciatingly painful time of your sick and miserable life." Then he goes, leaving Otto to contemplate exactly how that's going to work.

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