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And The Truth Shall Set You Free

Nobody will be seated during the riveting "Juice tosses Clay's house!" sequence. Not even me, as I'm off to get a Diet Coke. See you next scene. (I kid: Juice finally figures out the papers are hidden in the air duct.) (Totally not kidding about the Diet Coke.)

Meanwhile, at a conveniently empty Chinese restaurant, Lin and Jax are ironing out the particulars of Lin's exciting new business venture supplying guns to a Mexican cartel. In a smart move on Jax's part, he's asking for a 10% referral fee. Lin actually goes for this. And with one conversation, SAMCRO's out of the gun-running business with the CIA.

Before anyone can dig into the fortune cookies, Juice calls to tell Jax about his discovery of the papers. Jax orders him, "Put 'em back where they were. Then go to TM, get Tig and Chibs to bring Clay to his house. Me and Bobby will meet you there. Clay does not get left alone in that house. You understand?" He hangs up, collects Bobby and heads back to Charming...

... But at a conveniently empty stoplight, Jax is abducted cartel-style. Off the van speeds while Bobby yells incoherently.

And now, poor dumb Juice is left trying to explain to four angry older men why he's all called them to Clay's place on Jax's say-so, especially when Jax is standing them all up. Fortunately, Bobby's got a phone so he can call in and tell everyone that Jax has been kidnapped, and they all storm out... leaving Clay alone in his house, just as Jax asked that he not be and able to notice the poorly reinstalled air vent in his ceiling. Juice, you poor dumb dummy. Death might well be a release at this point.

Bobby's also called Nero to ask if perhaps any of his former acquaintances have taken it upon themselves to kidnap Jax and make a point about the prudence of giving them what they want on the gun-sales front. Nero then heads over to Gang of Idiots' house and makes some inquiries at the point of a shotgun -- killing three out of the four people present and saying, "You vatos wanted me back? Odele, I'm back."

Meanwhile, Jax has been ziptied to a chair in an empty room. He is fuming when Romeo and Luis come in, but manages to quip, "You know, if you wanted to me, a phone call would have done the trick." Romeo tells him, "We needed to remind you of how easy it is to disappear." Jax smirks, "And yet, here I am. Ohhhh... I see the cartel side of you wants to chop my head off, but the fed side struggles with the felony whacking." Luis says, "Actually, both sides are okay with whacking. One just has paperwork." Hee! Also: Who knew the Galindo cartel was so big into forms filed in triplicate? Ba-da-bump! Jax then tells them, "You don't know shit. You think I'm just going to cut ties with the cartel without lining up something else? I'm an outlaw, carbon, not a suicide bomber." He then lays out the deal: the Mayans will handle the drugs up through northern California, the Niners will push the dope east to Reno and Henry Lin will be pulling in guns from the Middle East. Someone call Thomas Friedman -- the underworld is totally flat! Also, Jax is going to get to leave, upright and under his own power.

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