Sons of Anarchy
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In Which Clay and Jax Get Very Cranky

Back in Charming, Gemma parks her car downtown and heads toward a store. Across the street, Potter notices her and drops his brown paper bag of whatever on his bike and begins trailing her discreetly. We zip to a garden store. Chuckie opens the door for Gemma and she saunters in. Then -- because Charming is small and worlds must collide -- Sheriff Roosevelt's wife Rita comes out to help Gemma. While Rita doesn't have Gemma's desired Mariposa Lily bulbs in stock, she does have help for Gemma, if Gemma's willing to bring in the underperforming plants. Gemma is pleased by the offer and puts out her hand to shake. (As she does, we see Potter discreetly entering the store in the background.) Chuckie then comes over and offers his hand for shaking. After taking a moment (presumably so she doesn't break out in screams or gales of laughter), Rita takes it and shakes. Gemma snaps, "Go to the car," and Chuckie sails away on "Adieu, ladies!" I enjoy how he treats reality as an alternate state of being. After Chuckie goes, Rita's all, "Story, please?" and Gemma shrugs, "Long story. I picked those hands up on eBay. Difficult rehabilitation. [pause for topic change] How's it going with the gardens?" We see a poster for the Charming Gardens, which are presumably in need of cash. Rita exposits that her garden committee needs to raise another $80,000 in three weeks or the garden's gone. Gemma says, "Let me guess: More retail feed for Charming Heights." Rita nods. Gemma nods to the poster and says combatively, "I wouldn't let the mayor see that sign. He might fire your husband." Rita says levelly, "Just imagine what he'd do if he knew I was the one who started that committee." She hands over a flyer and says, "We're having a big fundraiser next week." Gemma gives her A Look, then says, "I take it you know who I am." Rita does, and she figures Gemma knows who she is. Gemma's all, "Okay then." The two then move on to discussing the "gold circle club," which is the special label given to people who drop $5000 or more on this garden project and is meant for people who enjoy padding out their CV or looking good in their white-collar circles. Rita explains this with slightly more tact, and Gemma asks, "So being a biker's old lady would attract the wrong kind of donors?" Rita gives Gemma a look she must have borrowed from her husband and says, "I honestly don't care what kind of donor you are. If you want to help, the door is open. But if you're just here to rattle my cage, I don't have the time, love." Cut to Potter exiting the shop, perhaps in advance of what he fears to be bloody gladiatorial combat. Gemma, however, has no good counteroffensive, so she just promises to be back with her dead bulbs.

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