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In Which Clay and Jax Get Very Cranky

Know what this episode needed? More Trejo! And now we have it: Clay and Jax are talking with Romeo and Luis, establishing that after this run, they'll only be sending four bikers to accompany the truck, in order to keep a lower profile. Also, before the Irish Kings do a big order with Romeo, they're going to want a face-to-face meeting. Romeo says smoothly, "I'm always available." Everyone agrees to meet up at a farm equipment repair yard at 10 p.m.; the guns will move from SAMCRO to the cartel there. Bobby Elvis is carried back to his big on the power of his glower. Luis notices and asks Romeo, "You trust these guys?" "As much as we need to," Romeo replies opaquely.

Speaking of Luis, our man has an impressive resume, and Grad is reciting it to Potter -- he was Special Forces, airmobile group, worked in intelligence and has a masters' degree in logistics. The contrast between Parada's organization -- sharp, businesslike, deep background -- and SAMCRO's is painfully evident. Potter is very excited about the photos with Luis and SAMCRO because this brings RICO back into play, big time. He asks Grad to go begging for money, than announces he's off "to the place where bikers go to die."

Back at SAMTAZ's church, Armando is not really thrilled that Clay's back to harping on this whole dealing-crank thing. Clay pulls the biker equivalent of the Scooby-Doo reveal: "Meet Achey, skinhead meth cooker. About five months ago, Reggie and Little Paul found out Achey here was cooking for Huff and Benny. They told his crew it was a SAMTAZ drug operation. Isn't that right, Achey?" Cut to Achey looking like he's been using more than he's been cooking. Huff protests that this is all so much bullshit because SAMTAZ took a vote. "Yeah. After you killed Little Paul and blackmailed Reggie out of the club," Jax points out. A lot of biker heads swivel over to Huff to see how he'll get out of this one. Armando asks Clay, president to president, "You know what you're doing here?" "I'm accusing the VP and the sergeant at arms of using the MC to their own ends, and then when they got caught, they killed a member and blackmailed another," Clay replies gravely. Benny tries the classic discredit-the-tweaker defense, but Chibs comes in with Reggie and says brightly, "This guy's not." (Poor, poor Reggie. I hope Jax is taking notes on what he can expect if he ever gets out.) Clay says to Armando, "It's your charter. Listen to the facts, make your decision. But if you find out that your club got into crank on a lie, you need to vote it again." Our boys head out; as they do, Benny is wearing the look of a man who regrets most of his decisions.

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