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In Which Clay and Jax Get Very Cranky

In other news, Gemma has decided that Tara is going to be a member of the Gold Circle Club for the save-the-parks project whether she wants to or not. She swings by Rita's shop and hands over an envelope with $5000 in cash ("In twenties," Rita notes; Gemma does not reply, "I'd have delivered it in ones, but the strippers have a hard time counting above ten.") as well as Tara's contact information. Then she hands over a paper bag, saying, "My dead bulbs. Have a good night." Rita watches her go and wonders what in the blue hell she has just gotten herself into.

Speaking of "What in the blue hell have we gotten ourselves into?" SAMCRO's collectively wearing that expression as they regard the set-up that the cartel has for transferring the guns. We're talking towers with armed guards, barbed-wire fences, the whole shebang. Clay looks at the "Mexican Imports" decoy trucks and remarks, "That's some well-guarded salsa." "Wait 'til you taste it," Romeo deadpans. All the bikers look around, obviously wondering if tonight is the night when they meet their deaths by automatic weapons fire.

And now we discover what Potter meant by the place where bikers go to die: prison. More specifically, Big Otto's cell in solitary. Otto's supine, clad in a filthy white shirt, his hands covered in blood. Potter comes in and begins speaking: "Sorry to interrupt your solitude, Mr. Delaney. Deputy Sheriff Gabe Marcel, San Joaquin Sheriff's Department. Just need a few minutes of your time. It's regarding the murder of your wife, Luann Delaney. Sanwa sheriffs recently took of jurisdiction of Charming. All of Charming PD's unresolved cases became our responsibility. I'm following up. According to the autopsy report, traces of semen were found in your wife's undergarments. The county was finally able to run an analysis, got a match in the system. A, uh, Robert Munson, known as Bobby Elvis. A member of your motorcycle club. Can you tell me anything about their relationship? And I ask, because in most cases -- 87.9%, actually -- the person having sex with the victim was the perpetrator. (Lays out photos of Luanne's bloodied corpse on Otto's torso.) And it was ... it was a gruesome assault. (Notes that Otto flinches slightly.) I understand you've been going through some emotional issues. It doesn't seem right you're locked up in this box. I'm going to look into that. I'll come back a little later when you feel a bit more ... settled." Having enacted another part of Plan B -- where "B" clearly stands for "break up the bonds of brotherhood" -- Potter stalks out. After he goes, Otto moves his hands down to the photos of Luanne and runs his hands over the one of her bloody head. We see tears.

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