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Leavin' on a Cargo Plane
loyalties are outweighing his commitment to the MC?" McGee protests, "Liam's been a brother for ten years. I trust him. No worries. He's not in bed with Jimmy." Clay replies, "Good. Because whatever Jimmy's agenda is, he can't know we're coming. That intel puts us in danger." McGee gives Clay his word, hangs up ... then promptly walks over to Jimmy's car and proceeds to break said word. Jimmy now knows that SAMCRO's touching down the next day, and -- bonus round! -- he also knows that Fiona and Kerianne are with Kellan Ashby. What possible motive does SAMBEL have for throwing in with the Real IRA over their parent MC? Is the money that good? Anyway, Jimmy O drawls, "We're ready for them. They won't be here long."

Meanwhile, SAMCRO skips toward the airplane, oblivious to the danger they're flying into. They bid Piney goodbye and walk down the tarmac. I take a minute to chortle at how Happy's bringing a cooler -- I personally hope he's the one walking around asking, "Coffee? Tea? Snack mix?" -- and try not to think about how many things can possibly go wrong in next week's 90 minute episode.

sobell, aka Lisa Schmeiser, is a San Francisco Bay Area reporter, blogger and editor; she also tweets here. She's pretty grateful that she didn't have to contend with anyone like Gemma Teller over the past 40 weeks.

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