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Leavin' on a Cargo Plane

And now, a tedious goodbye scene between Opie and Lyla. (One sweet detail: Chibs wordlessly grabs Opie's bag and walks off with it so Opie has one less thing to think about. I will never stop being struck by how the older members of the club still parent the ones who were raised in it, like Opie and Jax.) Oh, Lyla has something to tell Opie, but then she realizes that maybe it can wait until after her boyfriend gets back from Ireland, so she settles for feebly saying, "You know how much I love you, how sad I'd be if anything ever happened to you." Opie assures her nothing will happen, then tells her he loves her. And ... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

At the hospital: a spasming Gemma is being wheeled down the hall by a bunch of nurses, and Unser grabs Tara to exclaim, "Jesus, Gemma! What the hell happened?" Tara tells him, "Fever's spiked to 107, it may be a reaction to the new meds. We're putting her into an ice bath before she strokes out." She runs off, and Unser's left to think, "One hundred and seven degrees? Isn't that a little, you know, high?"

Tara supervises the nursing team getting Gemma into an ice bath, then dispatches them to go find another doctor. Then she huffs at the guard who's watching, "A little privacy, please." He leaves, and Tara leans down to tell Gemma, "All clear." Up pops the miraculously healed Gemma. Amazingly, being dunked in the ice bath has not pushed her into another cardiac incident. Tara pulls out the bag she had packed at Jax's house, then launches in Phase II of Gemma's escape: Gemma in a white doctor's coat, making a phone call to Jax, while Tara uses her keycard to hustle Gemma through the back corridors of the hospital.

Gemma's conversation with Jax is brief and hilarious: "Just meet me outside the service entrance of the hospital in a few minutes." "WHAT?" "Just go. [click]" Jax facepalms and fumes all the way to the hospital.

Tara and Gemma say their goodbyes. Tara's packed a few weeks' worth of meds for Gemma, but warned her she'll need to find more if she's planning an extended Irish sojourn. She gives Gemma her keycard, stuffs some cash into her pocket, and drops her car keys into Gemma's hand. "I'm not sure anyone's going to believe I did this at gunpoint," Gemma says. "You may as well have," Tara replies bitterly. Gemma says, "I'll keep my promise. No one will know about that baby." Tara reminds Gemma that legislators have not yet passed laws giving Gemma Teller Morrow control over everyone else's reproductive rights. Gemma implores Tara, "Wait until Jax gets back. Look into Abel's eyes before you do anything." The security alert sounds for Gemma, she lunges forward to hug Tara, then promises, "I'll be back in a week."

Tara scampers off and promptly runs into Murray, who asks, "Where's Gemma Teller?" Tara stammers out her cover story about Gemma pulling a gun on her, and Murray asks, "You expect me to believe that?" "I don't really care," Tara replies. Murray sighs in exasperation, then pushes Tara into the nearest supply closet. Once they're inside, she points out, "You're committing a crime. Do you understand that?" Tara deflates and explains, "That Irishman? That killed the prospect? He kidnapped Jax's son. It wasn't in the papers, the cops, the FBI, they don't give a shit. It's all on Jax and the club to find them, and Gemma wasn't going to jail until she knew that baby was safe. You know, maybe there was nothing I could have done to stop him from taking Abel, I don't know, but helping Gemma was my way of making up for it. And I'll deny all of it, and if the cops don't believe me, I guess I'll suffer the consequences." Murray takes this all in, quickly parses where Tara's feelings of obligation are, then ruminates on what to do. Tara blurts out, "Thank you. I know you're trying to help me." She heads for the door, and that decides Murray: Since Tara's often motivated by feelings of obligation, why not indebt Tara to her? She calls out, "Wait," then clocks Tara in the eye. As Tara shrieks, "What the hell are you doing?" Murray hands Tara an ice pack and says, "They'll never believe Gemma didn't slug you. Let's go." Tara stares after Murray for a moment, then the circuits in her brain hard-wired to respond to bossy, agenda-driven mommy figures kick in and she follows.

Gemma bursts out the back door of the hospital and toward the waiting Jax, Clay and Tig. Jax is not too happy to see her, as this blows Gemma's deal with the Feds all to hell, and Clay tries to steer Gemma toward sweet reason, but Tig interjects with, "Don't even bother trying, boys. Trust me. I've been there." (HA!) The not-so-happy family heads toward the truck, only to be intercepted by Unser sourly saying, "Guess your fever broke." Whoops! Unser says, "Sorry, Gemma. You come with me now, I'll tell them you turned yourself in, had a change of heart, no one gets in trouble for aiding and abetting." "And if she says no?" Clay asks. Sorry, but there is no other good option here. Unser pulls out his gun, so Tig pulls out his. Jax backs up, muttering, "Oh, my God."

Gemma moves forward, calls Unser's bluff on his willingness to shoot her, and waltzes off. She orders Tig to take Tara's car and hops in the truck with her husband and son. Oh, my heart broke for Unser here: He's so out of practice being a cop first, and he can't bring himself to admit or believe that SAMCRO's allegiances and obligations are always based on mutual convenience.

Car chase! Oh, wait -- not yet. Tig pulls everyone over, points out that this whole incident has been called in, and since Unser saw Gemma in the truck and Tig in the Cutlass, it makes sense to do a car swap. Tig offers to drive the truck off and lead the law enforcement away from the plane. Jax is not happy about the prospect of going to Ireland without Tig, but Tig says, "You need your mom more." (Again, the older members parenting the kids who came up through the club.) He then urges everyone to get their boot scoot on. Gemma swoops forward and gives Tig a brief kiss on the lips, and he looks at her with helpless love and devotion. As Tig hops in the truck, he hollers, "Jax! Get your boy!" and then heads off.

Cut to Tara lying to the police, the ice pack held up to her face. Murray icily adds, "I saw Dr. Knowles trying to pursue her. I figured it was more important to tend to her wound than to do your job." And with that line, Murray has just become my new favorite character. Yes, it's interesting that Gemma's got a Gallic counterpart in Maureen (who seems driven by the same maternal impulses and I-do-this-for-the-greater-good delusions Gemma has), but I love that this show has now introduced someone who can out-Gemma Gemma and does so purely for professional reasons. I look forward to seeing how Murray capitalizes on the newfound sense of obligation Tara now feels to her.

As Tig drives off, he giddily exclaims to the cop cars behind him, "Stay with me, piggies. Stay with me, p-i-g-g-i-e-s!" I don't suppose that any of those policemen will notice that there's only one person in the truck? No? Anyway, Tig is delighted to be leading the police on a wild chase.

The Cutlass screeches into the hangar in Stockton, and Osborn frets, "Cutting it close." Jax apologizes: "Sorry. We had to give someone a ride. Not my idea." Gemma gets out, all sunglasses and cheekbones and insouciance. Clay tosses Bobby Elvis Gemma's bag, and the club consigliere asks, "Where's Tig?" "Halfway to Modesto," Clay says. You can tell he's not too thrilled at this turn of events either, but he's too smart to say anything about it just yet.

McGee rings Clay right then and they chat: McGee's gone out of his way to line up SAMCRO with loaner cycles, and they're all going to bunk down at a local flophouse around the corner from the biker clubhouse. "It ain't California pretty, but it's got a bed and a shitter." Well, one flops where one must. Clay says, "I need to ask you a delicate question." "I'm a delicate man," McGee chortles. Clay asks, "O'Neill. We got concerns he's backing up some of Jimmy's lies. You think his Catholic

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