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The Sins of the Fathers

At Teller Morrow, Dawn's working the adoring-daughter angle for it's worth, showing Tig a digitized shot of him with both girls when they were younger, and asking, "Don't you remember?" He doesn't, and jokes about his befuddlement, but he's clearly enjoying himself. Chucky comes out with lemonade, and as Dawn heads over, Bobby and Gemma call for Tig. Gemma called Tig's ex, Colleen. Bobby says, "Fawn is fine. She's in Chicago with her boyfriend for two weeks." Gemma adds, "No bulimia. Dawn's playing you, sweetheart." Tig keeps a game face, but he's a little wobbly when he asks, "What's she want the twelve grand for?" Gemma's all, "I don't know. Why don't you ask her?" Bobby Elvis asks if Tig's okay, and he insists he is, then abruptly walks away. Gemma watches him go, then says, "This is why mothers should drown baby girls." Bobby Elvis gives Gemma an appalled look. (And this is why I was disappointed that Jax and Tara produced a boy. I would have liked to have seen how Jax handled parenthood when the child Tara had was a girl. I would have also liked to have seen how Tara's concerns about bringing up a girl around club life would match or differ from Gemma's. Ah, well.)

Coke-K Corral. Romeo's pleased by the operation. He would be the only one; the SAMCRO boys are livid about Miles, and Alvarez is not too happy about all the extra drama. Clay asks Romeo if he can have a moment outside.

Once the two men are alone, Clay spins a tale for Romeo: "We have an internal threat. A family member stumbled on some of our more sensitive information ... She's our doc. She's got a level of access. It got out of hand. I'm afraid she's going to expose us." Romeo is no slouch in organizational intel, and he asks, "The doctor --that's your VP's old lady?" Clay replies, "Yeah. He don't know." Romeo says, "You have a very difficult decision, my friend." Clay chokes back the crocodile tears with, "Trust me -- it's been brutal. But it's got to be done. I need somebody from the outside. I was hoping you might want to handle it." Romeo rolls his eyes, then says he can do it, but it will cost a lot of time and money. "Whatever it takes," Clay says. He and Romeo shake on it. The cartel soldier goes, and Jax comes over to ask Clay if everything's okay. Clay smiles at Jax -- a genuine smile of someone who's just solved a problem -- and says, "Everything's good." Then he claps Jax on the shoulder before pulling him into an arm-around-the-shoulders hug. It is the most gruesome thing in this episode, and bear in mind, a man got his brains blown out on screen a few minutes ago.

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