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The Sins of the Fathers

We go to a montage. Someone is writing a letter: "I'm going to hurt you, then kill you doctor bitch." We see Tig hugging Dawn for all he's worth before she gets back in a cab. After she leaves, Bobby Elvis and Gemma come over. Bobby says bemusedly, "You gave her the money." "Oh, yeah," Tig says, his eyes fixed on the taillights. "She'll just be back for more," Gemma says. "Yeah. I know," Tig says, but he smiles at the thought and walks away. Gemma and Bobby sort of collapse into giggles at that point. Funny how in one episode, we see three different fathers deal with the children who hurt them: Clay put a hit out on his son's wife; Piney sucker-punched his son; Tig gave his daughter the money and holds out hope she'll see him again.

The music continues, and Opie brings his duffel into the clubhouse. (His poor kids. Their entire childhood consists of their parents leaving them in one way or another.) He sits on the bed and we hear a soft exhalation, perhaps the beginning of a sob. (Nicely done, Ryan Hurst.)

Then we cut to a very made-up Ima asking, "What's the matter? You jealous?" The camera switches to Jax, who nods once. Ima asks, "So I can only be your bad girl?" Jax nods and says, "That's right." Ima kisses him, then pulls him back to her dressing room." Meanwhile, back at the house, Tara tends to Juice's wound while Juice watches. We cut to Happy supervising the prospects digging the grave.

Then we cut back to the clubhouse bar. Tig is passing over snapshots of himself with his daughters, and we hear Bobby chuckling as Tig smiles around his cigarette. Opie sits by himself, and Gemma comes over to say, "I changed the sheets. You're all set in there." "Thanks, Mom," Opie says, and Gemma kisses his cheek. Ah, God's Fierce Mother will forgive her boys anything.

Clay walks through the clubhouse and into church, then closes the door behind him. Everyone looks up, and a shadow passes over everyone's mood. The music continues. Piney is flipping through a photo album looking at pictures of him, Mary and Opie. He's drinking alone. We get a heartbreaking close-up of his face; he seems to be trying to figure out how he got from the young dad in the photo to the old man beating his son today.

Ima begin stripping the minute she closes the door to her dressing room. Jax takes her head in his hands as if to kiss her...

...Then his expression gets ugly and he slams her head into her dressing room table. Ima's on the ground and Jax grabs her by the throat and threatens, "You ever flash that rancid pussy around my club or my family again, I will kill you. You understand?" He spits in her face, then adds, "Whore," before heading out. He walks out, leaving Ima coughing on her own blood, and the ridiculous misogyny that pervades SAMCRO and appears to be most rigorously enforced by the women associated with the club. Gemma wouldn't know the word "kyriarchy" if it came spray-painted on the side of Clay's bike, but she's sure a willing participant in one.

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