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The Sins of the Fathers

The girl gets out of the cab and grins, "Mama Gemma." Gemma gamely says, "Hi, baby. [One-armed hug] Your daddy's not here, Dawnie." Dawn! Dawn of Fawn-and-Dawn fame! (We heard about Tig's twin daughters in Season One.) Anyway, Dawn is ... well, you know how there are a lot of style blogs out there where the girlbloggers are all into canonizing Audrey Hepburn, and touting "ladylike" silhouettes and having fits over the sin of French manicure-style pedicures? Dawn is those girls' exact opposite. She tells Gemma she's renamed herself "Margeaux, with an 'X,'" then hits her up for $20 for the cab fare. To her credit, Gemma refuses to screw over the poor hack who chauffeured Crazy into town, so she hands over a $20. Dawn pays the cab, ignores Tara's attempt at an introduction and then greets a smitten Chucky with "Holy shit! Are those things real?" Chucky immediately delves into a discussion on the nature of reality ("No. I mean, they exist...") but Gemma would like to know whether Fawn will be showing up. I would like to know if Fawn is now spelling her name Fauxn. With an X. Anyway, Dawn makes a show of her eyes welling up as she says dramatically, "That's why I'm here. She's bad. I need my daddy!" She flings herself into Gemma's arm for a good weep. Tara's nose wrinkles, no doubt from the stench of the bullshit Dawn just shoveled at all of them, but she politely refrains from pointing out that Gemma's going to covered in runny mascara and simply watches. Gemma orders Chucky to track down Tig, then reluctantly begins patting Dawn on the back. The role of God's Fierce Mother comes with its duties as well as its perks, one supposes.

Back at the Coke-K Corral, Bobby Elvis is rolling up from his errand of the last episode. Clay asks how Otto took the news; Bobby shrugs, "He gets it." Jax asks how Bobby Elvis is, and the man shrugs again. Really, what else is he going to do? Everyone else is hanging around in a silent, nervous knot, and Tig singles out Miles with, "He's ready. Let's go." Chibs casually begins playing with rope, as if to make a noose. Juice looks like he's about to wet himself from terror. Filthy Phil immediately begins babbling that he and Rat didn't even know what was in the store room, and neither of them took the cocaine. Rat says, "It had to be the Mayan. He was off by himself most of the night." We cut to Juice, who looks shocked -- shocked! -- that someone could end up dead because of this. Clay merely rumbles, "We'll get to the truth." Then comes the sound of a hammer blow and Miles screaming, "AHHHHH! No no no no!" Filthy Phil looks like he's about to pass out. We go to the room, where a grim Happy is bringing a hammer down on the table while Miles -- who is quite unharmed -- makes agonized noises. Tig is watching the whole thing with bemusement. We zip back to the barn: the prospects have "What in the WHAT?" expressions, and Juice looks like he can't believe the group of homicidal maniacs he runs with would actually harm someone over a botching cocaine deal that could get them all killed.

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