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The Sins of the Fathers

Happy comes to the door, his yellow dishwashing gloves stained with red, and casually tosses the ballpeen hammer between his hands. "Next," he rasps. Jax taps Rat, who protests that he didn't take the cocaine. Filthy Phil protests that Rat didn't do it, and neither did he. Jax does some shoving around, and Happy says in a menacing tone, "I'm waiting." We cut to Juice, who looks like he's on the verge of running away. I seriously cannot believe that none of these guys are paying attention to Juicy -- his body language and expression are practically telegraphing, "ASK ME ABOUT THE BRICK OF COCAINE I STOLE BECAUSE I'M BEING PRESSURED BY THE NEW SHERIFF."

Anyway, the phone rings, Tig answers, and he tells Clay haltingly, "I got a thing at T.M. My kid just showed up." Bobby Elvis asks, "Which one?" Tig answers immediately and without hesitation: "The crazy one." Jax asks innocently, "Which one?" "Yeah, I know," says Tig, who may well be self-aware enough to know that the nut doesn't fall far from the crazy tree. Clay's all, THIS is what I get for not quashing Take Your Daughter to Work Day, but he waves Tig off. Bobby Elvis announces that he's going with Tig. (I must say, I'm impressed with how shrewdly Bobby Elvis has been nurturing his relationship with Tig. It probably helps that they were cellies in Stockton, if the Sons of Anarchy iPhone app is correct. Still, it seems like Bobby Elvis is making a special effort to be there for Tig in his time of feeling alienated from Clay.)

Clay then orders everyone in the gun room. Everyone goes tromping in except for Juice, who has to stop and compose himself first. I don't know if it's that the other guys think that Juice is an especially tender flower, or if they really are genuinely stupid enough to think that patched members don't betray the club despite last year's SAMBEL follies and this season's SAMTAZ adventure, or what, but ... it's just so strange that Juice's emo behavior is going totally unnoticed.

Back at the clubhouse, Gemma tromps over to Dawn to tell her that Tig's on the way, and should she need anything -- an extra "x" for her name, perhaps -- Chuckie is her man. Dawn comes in for another hug, and Gemma is all, "Yeah, that's enough of that." She then walks past Piney, who is knocking one back at the bar, and scolds, "It's nine o'clock." "Yes. It is," Piney replies. Tara charges on by with an "I'm late", and Gemma kisses her good-bye with genuine warmth. Just then, Ima walks out and Tara stops dead in her tracks. Ima says, "Good morning," and that's when Gemma stands up. We get a beautiful shot of Gemma in the foreground, Tara in the background, and both women in the same challenging posture. I don't want to go making sweeping generalizations about the season at the almost-halfway point, but it really seems like one of the themes that's being embroidered is how Gemma and Tara are becoming closer, and Tara is becoming the Gemma Teller of 30 years ago.

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