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The Sins of the Fathers

Back at the clubhouse, Tig is listening intently as Dawn weepily makes her way through a monologue about how Fawn's in danger of doing serious damage to herself with an eating disorder. Tig asks, "When did all this go down, Dawny?" and Dawn stops sniffling long enough to correct him: "It's Margeaux." "With an 'x,'" Bobby Elvis helpfully supplies as he puts down mugs of ... Bud Light? Root beer? Butterbeer straight from Hogsmeade? Who knows? The point is, Bobby Elvis is playing barback, the better to keep tabs on this conversation. Anyway, Tig is skeptical -- "This does not sound like your sister. How long has she been puking?" -- and Dawn argues that Fawn's been weird about food since an episode in kindergarten where she counted her Cheerios. Then she leads her daddy down the primrose path: Their mom (Colleen) is apparently too engrossed in her own twelve-step recovery to bother being any help; it's fallen to Dawn to make arrangements at a recovery facility in southern California; Fawn would never go if Tig were to be the one to accompany Dawn there; so she'll need $12,000, but she promises, it's all for Fawn. Bobby Elvis has a finely tuned bullshit detector, and its beeping is so loud, he can barely hear the sound of Tig asking Dawn to stick around while he gets the cash together.

And now, Clay, Jax, Piney and Miles have pulled up. Gemma is none too pleased and lays into Opie: "[Ima] said some cruel shit. This may be none of my business, but you hooking up with --" Jax is all, "Mom!" and Gemma reminds him that Ima pulled a gun on her. Opie accedes that verily, he created this shit storm. And then he steps into Piney's sucker punch. Opie goes down fast and hard. When he manages to get to his feet, Piney growls, "Your dick almost got people killed. I don't even know who you are anymore." Opie's all, Well, crap, I've got to own that too.

The next scene has Tara tending to Opie's forehead cut, but her bedside manner is noticeably lacking. Opie slumps off-screen, and Jax asks Tara if she's okay. No, she is not. Not only did she miss a staff meeting because of biker antics, she's had to deal with her fiance's former one-night stand. Tara storms off, and Jax lights a joint. Opie's got a bag of frozen veg on his brow, and he observes, "Doc seems a little pissed." Jax shrugs, "She's just reliving my shit." Opie sighs, "At least she gave you a pass. Don't figure I got one of those coming." Jax passes Opie the joint and says glibly, "Getting knocked up and getting kidnapped kind of wipes the slate clean. I wouldn't recommend it as a fix." Opie finally admits that perhaps bringing another human being into the world is not going to fix what ails him and his marriage. Jax figures the pregnancy gets Lyla out of porn, and once again, I am confounded by the SAMCRO conceit that somehow, what is keeping Lyla working is not, say, being a parent and a partner to a convicted felon with a shaky career path, but rather her vocational commitment to taste-testing her coworkers for yeast infections.

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