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The Sins of the Fathers

Back at the Coke-K Corral. Chibs comments on how quiet it is, and Juice asks, "You really think they took it?" "Do you?" Chibs immediately shoots back. THANK YOU, Chibs. YOU have been paying attention to Juice, haven't you? After a moment, Juice asks, "Do you ever push back against the rules? Some of them are pretty hardcore." Chibs says, "[We] knew what they were when we signed up." And kudos to whoever blocked this scene, because the way it's set up -- Chibs perched in a scaffold, Juice sitting on a stack of pallets below him -- beautifully broadcasts how Juice is seeking paternal advice from someone in the club, and how Chibs is willing to play that role. Juice nods. Then he turns his enormous eyes up to Chibs and asks, too casually, "The black thing ever bother you?" Chibs gives him a sharp look. Juice clarifies, "With Fiona and all." Chibs shrugs, "Ahhh, Fiona was an old lady." Then he goes back to studying Juice. He finally speaks again: "Listen. The rules have been around since day one. Different time. I'm not saying I agree with them all. But you know, if I start picking and choosing which ones to follow, then the whole thing just falls apart." Into anarchy, perhaps? (You do have to admit, there's something richly ironic about an outlaw MC being sticklers for rules. Might as well reposition themselves as Sons of Parliamentary Procedure.) Juice barely chokes out, "Yeah." Chibs, who is not dumb, keeps watching Juice. Question for the forum: Do you think this is the moment where Chibs realized Juice's background, or had he suspected for a while?

Meanwhile, just in case nobody was sufficiently on edge, Romeo has announced that he wants to come to the Coke-K corral and pick up his parts. Clay and Jax have a tense conversation about how they're going to handle the missing brick and the answer is simple: They're going to kill one of the prospects as a show of good faith for the cartel. "Sometimes the herd needs thinning," Clay says, conveniently forgetting that sometimes, the young bucks force the old males out of the herd.

Chibs takes the news with equanimity, and tells Happy and Juice, "Romeo will be here in an hour. We've got to put one of these guys down." Juice is incredulous, and Chibs patiently explains, "It's the only way we're going to calm the cartel. They're going to want a guilty body, and if we don't give it to them, they're going to take it as a sign of weakness. Then they're going to want more blood. I don't have any more options." Juice frantically pleads for the prospects to have one last chance, and scampers into the room himself. He makes a speech about how the missing brick affects everyone, and sets up his own eventual return of the brick with "We're going to step outside and have a smoke. And whoever took that brick? We know it's got to be around here somewhere. Just put it back. No questions, no repercussions." Happy snarls and heads toward the prospects as if to start personally handing out the repercussions. But he heads out with everyone else.

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