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The Sins of the Fathers

Once outside, Chibs tells Juice, "Even if that brick shows up, those two are out." "Well, at least they won't be dead -- and we'll get our blow back," Juice replies. He shrugs on a hoodie and claims he's off to the bathroom. Chibs looks quite thoughtful as Juice heads out.

Unser walks into the sheriff's department, and we see him meeting his successor for the first time. Roosevelt does not offer to shake hands. They go to his office, and Unser warns Roosevelt that Tara's possibly in danger, but he doesn't have much more on details. Roosevelt chuckles, "It was my understanding you were on Clay Morrow's payroll. I'd think you have more details." Unser flares, "I was never in nobody's pocket! I learned how to work with the club. It was about what was best for Charming, not me." Roosevelt's expression shifts slightly, and he tells Unser that he can't keep an eye on Tara unless there's any more details.

Coke-K corral. Juice has found the brick and he's hidden his sample or whatever. As he stumbles back, he runs across Miles. It is most unfortunate that Miles notices the brick tucked in Juice's waistband. (Juice, you idiot. PULL OUT THE SWEATSHIRT.) Miles says in a tone of betrayal, "You took it?" but he has good SAMCRO instincts, because his next move is to pull out a gun. His bright idea is to march Juice back to the warehouse for a public reckoning. Juice nods, then gets the drop on Miles by tossing the brick in his face. Miles ends up shooting Juice in the leg, then the two tussle. Juice ends up getting the gun first and shoots Miles in the head; the other guy's blood ends up sprayed all over his face. After freaking out for a moment, Juice tucks the brick under Miles' arm.

Seconds later, Chibs comes running, hollering Juice's name. Happy's with him, and greets the scene with "What the hell?" Juice is sufficiently shaken so that his story sounds credible: "I came out to take a piss. I spotted him pulling something out of the leaves. He saw me and he freaked out. He tried to kill me. I took one trying to get the gun." Chibs gently helps Juice to his feet and supports him. Happy takes his own piece and shoots the dead Miles some more, growling, "Lying bitch." Chibs wryly asks, "Did you get 'im?"

Everyone else pulls up, and Chibs acts as Juice's PR, explaining that it was Miles. Opie looks shocked by this. Happy says adamantly, "He's very dead." Clay snaps, "I ought to shoot you guys for patching him in," then compliments Juice. We cut to Filthy Phil, who looks dazed by this development. The prospects carry Juice over to the van. After that errand, they're to bury Miles deep, with no marker. Opie and Jax walk back into the barn, and Opie correctly observes that Miles makes no sense as the thief. Jax is all, "Eh. We've got the brick back and Miles wasn't really a regular. So who cares?"

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