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Ladies and Gentleman, Let's Give SAMCRO a Hand…or Four
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This episode starts with poor, cancer-riddled Unser waking up in obvious pain and getting ready to face the day with some medicinal marijuana. But his breakfast dank is interrupted by some masked jerk stores breaking open his door and dragging him out by his ankles, the better to punch him in the face.

We then go directly from that ugly sight to a considerably more attractive one: Jax, shirtless, waiting for a bottle to warm up. It’s sweet that he’s taking the morning shift. He hears footsteps approaching the door and when he looks out the peephole, and whoever it is that he sees is enough to give him pause. Jax opens the door, attempts to act casual with his greeting, "You’re up early, brother," and fails miserably. And why, you might ask? Because the guy who’s up with sun is Tig.

Anyway, Tig does not look too pleased to be up and about, and he silently walks in. Jax closes the door behind him and we see him giving Tig a fearful, angry look. Is Tig here because he’s bright enough to realize that piece of paper in Auggie’s hand is one I gave him? Did he just kill August Marks and make another mess to clean up? Is he doing to kill me? But it’s not like Jax can actually ask any of this, so he tries to feign sleepy-father-of-a-baby confusion and listens to Tig’s tale:

”I got quite, quite the surprise at the port, man. Listen. August March showed up with a few of Pope’s guys. Shit, I thought it was all going down.” (Cut to Jax feigning goggle-eyed surprise. He is a terrible reactive liar. It’s interesting that he can only lie convincingly when he’s controlling the narrative). Jax asks, "What happened?" "He was there looking for you. Clay’s in gen pop, I guess he made some kind of deal. August needs to talk to you about it. First thing this morning. Power tower," Tig says.

Thomas has not forgotten he has a bottle coming and begins complaining to the management that there is no bottle in his mouth RIGHT NOW. Management (better known as Tara) comes shuffling in. Tig says apologetically, "Morning," and Tara replies, "Yes, it is." As Tig heads out the door, he stops and says thoughtfully to Jax, "You know, the prospects? They never showed up with that truck last night. I waited, like, three hours." Jax claims that he forgot to tell the prospects and, oh, he’s so sorry. Again, he is a terrible liar when he’s not manipulating the situation. Tig gives Jax an unnervingly sharp look and asks, "Am I good with you, Jax?" Jax lies, unconvincingly, that they are, the two hug is out, and Tig leaves. But he shoots Jax another skeptical look and oh my gosh, I hope this is the beginning of the end and Tig maybe goes back to his bike, rides around the corner and texts Bobby all, "If you are starting a nomad charter and need another warm body, I know someone who might be interested. P.S. Their name rhymes with 'Big Begger.'"

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Sons of Anarchy




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