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Tara's Fresh Batch of Bad Decisions

Anyway, Lyla extends her condolences to the Widow Morrow, and then mentions she's lining up a "date" for Juice. Gemma is surprised that Juice is there. I'm honestly surprised that Juice isn't there more often. He's positively monastic, especially when compared to the older men.

And now, the scene in which we discover that one of the reasons Juice is all messed up is that he appears to have forsworn all carbs. At least, that's what his exquisite musculature is suggesting. Suddenly, his moods make sense! I would be a sobbing headcase in a world without pasta too. Anyway, Juice and his many tattoos look in the mirror -- a move that seems to be something of a motive for the season (Jax, Tara and Gemma have all had similar self-loathing examinations). He seems to be steeling himself for something. Then Juice clutches his heart and sinks to the ground -- I swear, I thought he was going to die from an overdose right then -- and goes to pop a few more pills. Hands up, all of you who suspect this is a suicide attempt.

Tara's ministering to Bobby's wound and he slurs, "Thank you so much, sweetheart. We love you, Doc." This breathtaking hypocrisy brings Tara up short, that the men who are keeping her a virtual prisoner at her husband's behest would even think such a thing. She then heads out of the room and tells West she's going to rest up, and uses that opportunity to slip out the window and escape as West continues to read on the couch. Side note: I have always wondered who among the Sons might actually be a reader. Now we know.

Out at the rural gun storage site, Jax and the boys pull up and meet with Connor. It would appear that the Real IRA is more firmly committed to their bigotry than they are to their bottom line. Which is not exactly surprising -- this is a group that's basically founded on one sort of bigotry, so why wouldn't they embrace others? Anyway, the Irish are dithering.

Up pull a boatload of vehicles which Connor assume belong to Marks, but actually belong to the Chinese. Cue Connor getting a gun to the neck, courtesy of Jax. "You piece of shit, Teller!" he spits. Jax shrugs, "Don't worry. It ends well." As Connor is shrieking, "The Kings will crucify you, boy -- fierce slaughter on every one of you!" the Chinese approach, looking pretty damned happy. Jax tells Bohai, "You don't get him until I get my guy." Connor and Happy trade places, then Jax nods toward the barn and says, "The guns are still in the truck." The Chinese head toward the barn, open the truck …

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